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Teesdale Primary School

Staffing announcements
As we come to the end of the term, there are a number of staffing announcements to acknowledge.

Year 3/4 teacher, Caitlin Longmire, has been successful in gaining a new contract at our school till the end of the year.  Caitlin is a highly regarded staff member who is delivering a quality program to her class. 

Deb Smith has been appointed to a role in Year 1/2 as an Integration Aide till the end of the year.  Deb is well known to many parents, as she is already working in the Out of School Hours Care program and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.  

Reading Recovery teacher, Karen McKenzie, has completed her contract at mid-year.  Karen has worked in a part-time role and we thank Karen for her contribution to support improved learning outcomes for individual Year 1 students. 

In Asian Studies – Japanese cultural program, Education support staff member, Kanako Moroney, decided not to take up the new contract offered.  We thank Kanako for her previous support of the program.  Japanese teacher, Olga Fox, has agreed to continue in her teaching role with us, every second Monday.   

Out of School Hours Care Coordinator, Renae Fatone, begins her Maternity leave at the end of term.  We wish Renae and Ash every happiness as they await the arrival of their baby.  We are pleased to announce that Melanie Linguey has been appointed as our Out of School Hours Care Coordinator for the remainder of the year.  We welcome Melanie to the role and I’m sure parents utilising the service will make themselves known to Melanie.

Integration Aide, Helen Daffy, will be concluding her contract with us the week after the term break.  Helen has been working since the start of the year, two hours a day in the 3/4 class, supporting a student with additional needs.  We thank Helen for her time with us.

All of the above staff have added to the quality of our learning environment.  School, like all organisations, is continually evolving and changing to address new needs and funding.  We thank all staff for their continued efforts. 

Student Led Conferences
Student Led Conferences (SLC) were held during the last week of term. The SLC, together with the mid-year reports, provide a strong framework to know where your child is progressing in their learning.  Teachers and students look forward to the SLC as an enhanced opportunity to have a shared discussion of your child’s learning progress.  

Sporting in Schools extra curricula activity – Term 3
The Sporting in Schools clinics provide a wonderful opportunity for our students in Years 3-6 to participate in a free, four week sporting skill program.  This year we have been fortunate to have accredited coaches in Soccer and Gymnastics conduct the programs.  The term 3 Sporting in Schools program is the last for the year as schools are only eligible to apply for three terms. Our term 3 Sporting in Schools clinics will be Hockey.

Werribee Mansion Report from Year 3/4 
In Humanities, 3/4 have been learning about the history of everyday life in Australia. On Thursday the 16th of June we visited the Werribee Mansion to see how the Chirnside family lived in the mid- 1800s.  We explored the farm yard, lake and grotto, had a tour of the mansion and did some hand washing in the laundry.  It was great to see how different life was in the 1800s!

eSmart – Being smart, safe and responsible

Your digital footprint:
Your digital footprint is permanent, so it’s really important to think about the online image you want others to see.

Remember that, even though there are some things you just don’t want everyone to know about, it is very hard to limit who sees what.

Before you say or post anything online, use the “school assembly” rule: if you wouldn’t want something held up, read out or displayed at your school assembly, it’s safe not to text, post, email or chat about it over your phone or the internet.

Some employers and unis look at your social networking pages when they’re deciding whether to give you a job or a place on a course, so it’s always worth thing about the future before you text, post, email or chat.

Please visit:

CBA Student Bank      Theme: Prize Lights!
This year’s competition ties in with our Outback Savers Theme.  The Dollarmites have discovered Prize Lights in the Outback Sky and the creative centres around this theme with prizes being showcased against the outback sky.

Students who make three or more School Banking deposits during term 3 will have a chance to win one of the Star Saver prizes including 50 camping kits, 90 instant cameras and 200 magazine packs, plus extra prizes and a chance to win one of 75 bags full of sports equipment, valued at $200 for our school.

Parents and Friends Association
Thank you to the members of the PFA and also other volunteer parents who supported the recent Goal-A-Thon event. What a wonderful result we had with a grand total raised of $3876.00!

Congratulations to the following winners:
Highest Fundraiser Overall: Taliah Eastgate

Highest Fundraiser by Class: Jessica Richens, Lachlan Stein, Louise Van Baar, Olivia Harper, Jessica Norton, Vincent Weatherly, Maddison Kayler-Thomson and Gilbert Hose.

Top Goal Shooter by Class: Isaac Gandolfo, James Hose, Dan Norton, Isaac O’Brien and Lachlan Schwuch.

Thank you to our PFA team and staff, parents and students for a wonderful result!

Thank you to our sponsors:   Stockdale & Leggo Real Estate and De Grandi Cycle & Sport

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who assisted with preparation and serving on the end of term special lunch day. The pasta lunch was delicious and the children also enjoyed their hot chocolate at recess time.  Well done!

The PFA are currently interested in hearing from any parent who would consider taking on an active role as President, Treasurer or Committee for the remainder of the year.  Please feel free to see PFA Vice-President, Jayne Ramaker or School Council PFA contact, Fiona Warelow, if you are able to offer any form of support.

Thank you to Marianne Heikkila, as the outgoing President and Samantha Laro-Bashford, as the outgoing Treasurer, for their efforts to support our school this year.  

Connect with PFA on Facebook: 

Teesdale Primary School PFA:

If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on 5281 5218 or head to our website at:

• It’s not okay to be away, except when it’s school holidays!
• Don’t forget to visit The Mudbrick Café next term!
• A safe and happy term break to all families!

 Werribee Mansion Excursion