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Shelford Primary School

Sovereign Hill Excursion
Recently our whole school went on an excursion to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.


After some exploring upon arrival, the staff took the children to the Education Centre for a trip into the past, while the parents had coffee.  

We also took part in mine tours, 1850’s style bowling, a lolly making demonstration, candle dipping, and the obligatory visit to the confectioners.  This is important in laying the foundations for our 150th celebrations in November.  My thanks to all of the parents who accompanied us and helped to transport the children.

On Friday the 3rd of June the whole school went to Sovereign Hill for a school excursion. When we arrived we made our way to the Education Centre and had the opportunity to dress up in olden day clothing from the Gold Rush era.  We were also shown how people lived during the gold rush days.  We were given a demonstration of how clothes were washed using a wash board and how they were dried using a wringer. Following this class we made our way to the gold panning. We found lots of specks of gold. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping to find a gold nugget and become rich!  Charlie, Grade 5

On Friday the 3rd of June the whole school and parent helpers went to Sovereign Hill.  Everyone went on the Red Hill Mine Tour. When we visited the Red Hill Mine we saw the second biggest gold nugget in the whole world which was found in Australia. The first biggest gold nugget was also found in Australia.  After we finished in the Red Hill Mine Tour we went to the stream to gold panning. Almost everybody found specks of gold.  Maddy, Grade 4

On Friday the 3rd of June the whole school travelled to an amazing place called Sovereign Hill.  When we arrived our first visit was to the Education Centre where we dressed up in olden day clothes and were shown the way people lived back in the gold rush days. We learnt lots of incredible facts.  We travelled to the “Trapped” underground mine tour on a tram. My best friends Joh and Charlie and I sat at the very front of the tram. It was tremendously dark. We learnt how the mine collapsed and filled with water underground. Only 5 people survived and they were trapped underground for about 4 days. Then we went off in groups and did our own exciting activities.  Stevie, Grade 5