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Bannockburn Golf Club News

For the third time in 3 months, a Bannockburn Golf Club member has had a ‘Hole-in-One’. Congratulations to our Vice President, Col Gillett on hitting his 2nd ‘Hole-in-One’ on the 2nd (the Quarry) Hole at Winchelsea Golf Club during the Winchelsea Open Tournament.

The Bannockburn Golf Club members put on a brilliant display of quality golf at the Beeac Open Tournament this month. Congratulations to Eileen Lynch who won the Ladies’ A Grade Nett division. Congratulations also go to Aubrey Joyce on winning the Men’s B Grade division, in a play-off with fellow Bannockburn member Andrew Scott. Greg Leach won the 27 Hole Nett event, Andrew Green won the 18 Hole Nett event, Andrew Scott won the 9 Hole pm event and Bannockburn won the men’s Teams event on Saturday.

Other highlights for this month include the June Monthly Medal winners of Len Bagley with a superb +5 for the Men, and Alison Pfarrer with a -3 (played in very wintery conditions) for the Women. Our Ladies’ President, June Peterson will be representing the Bannockburn Golf Club at the SWDLGA “Rene Austin Brooch Event”, played at the Curlewis Golf Club in November.

It was wonderful to see our Clubhouse filled with happy and excited beginner golfers throughout June. Thanks to the hard work of Pam Graham and Sue Moosbrugger, we held 5 Ladies’ Golf Clinics with ALPG Professional Vicky Thomas. We had 14 ladies enjoy the Ladies Clinic – 9 who were completely new to golf. Vicky, the Golf Pro at Colac Golf Club, went through the basics of the different shots played in golf with the beginners, gave lessons to some of our experienced golfers, and completed the Clinics with a very enjoyable game of Ambrose with our experienced ladies partnering our beginner golfers.

The Bannockburn Golf Club will be hosting the Women’s and Men’s Victorian Sand Greens Championships from September 7th through to September 11th, 2016. The entries for these events our now open, and the Entry forms are available at . 

With approximately 200 golfers expected to play ‘The Somerset Estate Bannockburn’ 2016 Victorian Sand Greens Championships in the second week of September, it will be an extraordinary opportunity to showcase our magnificent Golf Course, the Bannockburn Township and our neighbouring communities. 

Upcoming events in July include The John Sexton Shield, the final of the “Single’s Knockout” and the July Monthly Medal for the men, and the Wallace-Lynch Trophy, the Saturday Quarterly Medal, and the July Monthly Medal for the women.

To anyone new to golf, having a break from golf, or experienced golfers who are interested in joining a relaxed and inclusive Golf Club – with beautiful tree lined fairways, available 7 days a week – you can contact the Bannockburn Golf Club via our website at .

22nd June, Ladies Wednesday Par Event
June Monthly Medal
Winners:  A. Pfarrer -3, A. Salter & E. Lynch -5 
NTP: 1st A. Salter, MAGPIE: 15th S. Moosbrugger

18th June, Saturday Par Event
June Monthly Medal
Winners Men: L. Bagley +5, M. Pfarrer +2  
Winners Ladies:  A Pfarrer -3, V Dobson -4 
NTPs - 1st B Prince & K Alford tied, 8th M. Pfarrer, 15th L. Bagley 
15th Ladies’ Magpie: A Pfarrer, 17th Men’s Magpie: D Andrews 
Midweek Winner: B Hughes 38pts

15th June 2016, Ladies Wednesday Stableford Event 
Winner:  S. Moosbrugger 32pts, B. Ingwersen & P. Graham 29pts 
NTP:  3rd. M. Lucas, Magpie: 15th.  H. Rivett

11th June 2016, Saturday Stroke Event
Winners Men: Len Bagley 69, Alan Lennon 70, C Kitchen 70, C Gillett 70 
Winners Ladies: J Peterson 74, K Davis 74
NTPs - 1st Lory Hines, 3rd Frank Hitchcock, 10th Brendon Gillett, Magpie C Gillett 
Midweek winner : G Brown 36 

8th June 2016, Ladies Wednesday Stableford Event
Winner:  J. Peterson 29pts, S. Moosbrugger 28pts, P. Graham 27
NTP: 10th S. Moosbrugger, Magpie: 8th P. Graham

4th June 2016, Saturday Par Event
Winners Men: M Mclaren +5, A Clark +4, R Dalton +1
Winners Ladies: K Davis 0, A Gulino -2 
NTPs - 1st H Kersten, 3rd M Mclaren, 10th M Mclaren,
17th Men’s Magpie G Smith, Birdie Hole 18th G Divola 5 balls 
Midweek winner: H Kersten 34pts

1st June 2016, Ladies Wednesday Par Event
Pauline Heily Day
Winner:  S. Moosbrugger -2, P. Graham -3, A. Gulino & H. Prince -4
9 Holes Stableford Winner:  K. Davis 15pts
NTP: 1st.  A. Pfarrer, Magpie 15th.  P. Graham

28th May, Saturday Stableford Event
2nd Rd of the President's Cup, Sponsored by Glen and Pauline Heily 
Winners Men: A Lennon 40pts, G Armstrong 38pts, S Carty 37pts  
Ladies Winner A Gulino 29pts cb from S Dyer
NTPs - 1st R Prince, 3rd G Armstrong, 10th M Bagley, 15th M McLaren, 15th Ladies’ Magpie A Pfarrer,
17th Men’s Magpie S Malone
Midweek winner: G Brown

25th May 2016, Ladies, Wednesday Stroke Event
Qualifying Rd. Rene Austin, 3rd Rd. Myrtle Clements, 3rd Rd. Silver Spoon
Winner: J. Peterson 98/23/75, Runner up H. Phillips 101/24/77
N.T.P. 10th A. Pfarrer, Magpie 15th: P. Graham