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Golden Plains Art Inc. New logo

‘Art is alive and well in the Golden Plains and continues to grow!’

Golden Plains Art Inc. are a group of talented artists, situated throughout the Golden Plains District. The group is made up of artists who use a variety of mediums to create their artworks - anything from traditional mediums such as watercolour, oils and pencil drawing to mixed mediums such as paper, textiles, bonsai, mosaic, sculpture, jewellery, writing and more. 

Over 72 talented artists, all inspired to create special pieces of art through their chosen mediums, come together to make up the Golden Plains Art Inc. Home studios and solo or combined exhibitions are always on the calendar. 

Currently the group are working on the ‘Pairing Project.’ This is where 2 artists working with different mediums work together on a project of their choice, learning from each other to create a unique piece of art. You will be able to view these projects later in the year at an exhibition dedicated specially to this event.

The Golden Plains Art Inc. will also have a stall marquee at the craft markets in August and November later this year, selling and showcasing their wares. 

Come along and show your support and interest for their valued contribution to our community and the art world!

Keep an eye out on the Golden Plains Art Inc. Facebook Page for dates and venues and more on how to find us or contact the President Rosalind Lawson on 03 5342 0745 or email her at