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Maude Recreation Reserve

At the last meeting of the Recreation Reserve Committee of Management, Mr. Bill Hughes spoke to us about the work of Bannockburn & District Connected Communities, and opportunities to gain valuable funding for community groups and facilities.

All members found his information – which was quite new to some of us – very valuable, and we hope to make use of this wonderful funding opportunity in the future. A big thank you to Bill for giving up his time to come and speak to us. 

The rest of the meeting was taken up with a lively and exciting discussion about the next stage of development at the Recreation Reserve.

By the close of the meeting we had a large aerial photo of the Reserve covered with suggestions for new play equipment, paths, seats, fitness stations and other features for the enjoyment of both adults and children, locals and visitors alike! 

We felt we had really progressed with some exciting new ideas to make our popular Reserve even better. 

Watch this space!