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Bannockburn & District Garden Club

The Bannockburn and District Gardening Club Inc enjoyed a most interesting afternoon at the sprout House Farm in Drumcondra where we saw how micro greens are grown.

The modern restaurant and cafe are using more edible flowers micro greens as a food source or decoration of food The small sprouts of mustard, cress, radish. sunflower, cabbage and kale are more nutritious as a seedling. 

All the seedlings are grown in bio degradable trays and a coco peat used as the growing medium. Seedlings are ready for use in one to two weeks.  All the seed is organically sourced

The garden was filled with violas, polyanthus, sweet William, calendula and cornflowers all edible and grown organically Members were able to purchase starter packs,  they are also available at the Bannockburn Farmers Market

Our meeting for July 26th will be a visit to Beach Tree Nursery 1135 Surf Coast Highway Torquay. A brief AGM while enjoying a cuppa. Leave Lyons Park 12 40pm

For further information please call  Lyn 03 5281 1467  0437 957 595