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Our River
The water out of your tap comes from a river. 
Each year, Victorians draw 5 trillion litres of water out of our rivers for irrigation and use by towns. This leaves many of our river ecosystems trying to get by on half the water which would naturally be there. 

Rivers are the lifeblood of the environment .

Imagine a Victoria where we talk about our rivers with pride. Where clean water flows freely. Diverse ecosystems thrive. Nutrient-rich flora and fauna grow in abundance. And your favourite spot beside that babbling brook is still around when your children's children are grown-up.

Did you know? ...
The Moorabool River, located in the Moorabool Catchment is the most flow- stressed river in Victoria – in an average year 62% of its water is extracted for use, the highest level of use in the state.

Key Facts about the Moorabool River.
River health – only 2/5

The Moorabool River is a hidden gem with spectacular falls at Lal Lal and beautiful spots for swimming and fishing. Supplying water for Ballarat and Geelong and for agriculture has taken its toll and the Moorabool is now Victoria's most flow stressed river.

Length: 88km

Avg annual streamflow: 97,000 ML

Main towns: Geelong, Ballarat

CMA region: Corangamite

Overall health rating: Moderate to very poor – most flow stressed catchment in Victoria

Make sure you know what’s happening to your river and take action to support it.