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Back to Steiglitz Festival and Reunion.

Sunday October 23rd 2016
Here are just some of this year’s new attractions:

•  A Cobbler, who’s beautiful one-off shoes takes approximately 1 year to make.  Why?  Because every element of the shoe (even the thread he uses) is made by himself.  Now that’s fascinating, isn’t it?

•  A bell maker … watch him make a bell during the Festival.

•  Witness tools being hand-forged by an expert artisan.

•  The ‘Sew-What’ hand crank sewing machine competition. It’s free, fun and great to watch.  Plus, all who enter have the chance to win a beautifully restored antique hand crank machine.                                Details and entry form are on our webpage.

* Toyota have been making sewing machines for years … who knew?   As it’s coming up to their 70th anniversary, this year they’re going to be involved in the ‘Sew What’ exhibition.  How?  You’ll have to wait and see on the day.  Though they’re so excited, they have donated a new sewing machine as a raffle prize this year.

So be sure to mark it on your calendar as a ‘must see’ … Sunday 23rd October.  The day starts at 10 am, prizes and trophies presented at 3pm, and packs up by 4pm.

With stalls, billy cart races, kid’s games, historical society, musicians, and great country cooking, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Thanks, from Amanda Gordon-Young.