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Geelong Region Learning & Employment Network

For over fifteen years, the Geelong Region LLEN (Local Learning and Employment Network), has worked to create economic and employment outcomes for the Geelong region through collaboration, innovation and partnership arrangements for Employers, Job-seekers, Educational & Community institutions.

In recent years, with shutdowns at Forstaff, Ford and Alcoa, they have broadened their scope to help retrenched workers remain connected with their community and transition into new career pathways.

The Geelong Region LLEN operates a number of initiatives, all of which are constantly working to achieve its aim of helping Geelong’s jobseekers attain sustainable employment.  The following is current projects:

Geelong Careers
Geelong Careers is a website and app designed to provide jobseekers with localised industry information and job vacancies.  Seven ‘trending’ industries have been identified as currently experiencing growth and skills shortages: Community Services & Health, Advanced Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism, Agribusiness, Education, ICT, Transport & Logistics, and Construction.  Employers can post job vacancies for free, and jobseekers can sign up for emailed job alerts.  Geelong Careers also provides information on pathways into trending industries and profiles of locals currently working in those fields.  For more information, contact Geelong Careers Project Manager, Marianne Messer:

Careers in Community Services & Health
The Community Services and Health sector is one of the fastest growing in the Geelong region.  With Barwon Health, Epworth, St. John of God and many allied health providers, careers options abound for local jobseekers.  The Geelong Region LLEN works to expose young people to the array of career options in this dynamic industry through taster days with local employers, and Work Experience.  For more information, contact Careers in Community Services and Health Project Managers, Robyn Dolheguy: and Kylie Fox:

Experience for Work
The latest in the Geelong Careers suite is Experience for Work ( ), offering inspirational, immersive experiences with local employers to expose jobseekers to the range of roles available and provide them with some practical experience and skills.  In addition, the Geelong Region LLEN this year has the contract for providing Structured Workplace Learning, and has set up Experience for Work for Young People ( ) to promote the range of experiences available for students.  For further information, contact the Structured Workplace Learning Project Managers, Bernie Cooke:, Joanne Harris:, Mark Isaacs: and for Experience for Work, Sue Smith: or Rod MacDonald: 

Labour Market Analysis
Geelong Region LLEN has its very own futurist and labour market analyst, Dr. Jude Walker.  Jude provides the LLEN with information about growth sectors in the local labour market, and predictions for future areas of growth.  She presents to schools and business groups about where the jobs of the future will be, and also puts together industry ‘snapshots’.  For more information, contact Jude: