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Bannockburn Primary School

George Ivanoff
We were pleased to welcome this year’s Author in Residence, George Ivanoff.  George worked with all classes from July 25th-29th. George is well known for his Choose-your-own-adventure books and his current stories built around the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Each time we have an author in residence we have a Masterclass and a Literacy Lunch. This year’s masterclass looked at creating characters and then 30 students enjoyed chatting to George over lunch. Everyone had a wonderful time. 

School Concert
August 18th and 19th will see the lights at Costa Hall burn brightly for the school’s Biannual School Concert. As always this is a highlight for our students and it is time that they show off their singing, dancing and acting skills to their families and friends. Weeks of practice will be evident on these nights, of nights as our students happily trip the light fantastic.

Grade 4 Camp
Our grade 4 children are heading off to Lake Dewar, Myrniong on Wednesday, August 5th. The YMCA camp is a highlight for children as they get to test themselves with elements such as canoeing, raft building and so much more. I am sure they are all looking forward to the fun and challenges that await them. 

Play Equipment
We were excited to see our new play equipment installed in the play area in Milton Street. The new equipment was eagerly awaited by everyone and was the place to be for the first week after its installment.  

The new equipment was chosen by the students and it will also be taken to the new school in 2018.