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Maude Recreation Reserve

A very important article appeared on page 14 in last month’s Newsletter. Did you read it?
If not, please jump online and find it, and take good note!

Several months ago, I wrote about the problem of “Wet wipes” blocking the pipes in sewerage systems Australia wide. We at Maude Recreation Reserve have experienced regular problems with blockages over the last perhaps two years. These problems are both very frustrating and VERY EXPENSIVE to be constantly fixing.

The Australian Consumers’ Association, through their magazine Choice, is fighting to force manufacturers to be more responsible in the type of product they bring on to the market, and more honest in the claims they make. New, supposedly more flushable products have been shown not to be any more suitable, as they still do not degrade fast enough to prevent clogging of pipes.

Please try to be responsible with what you flush down the toilet. If you have been convinced by the commercial hype, and feel totally incapable of cleaning your baby’s nappy area without these new fancy products, please always take a supply of suitable bags or containers so that you can take your wipes home with you.