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Landcare Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven

Thinking of tree planting on your property? 
Why not consider planting trees and shrubs which are native to your region ?
Read on and find out why planting native flora is Important. 

1.  Native plants are equipped to live with the local climate, soil types, and animals. Plants and animals that have evolved together depend upon each other for survival. 

Native plants, animals and insects form a complex network of relationships, an intricate web of life with each species’ life cycle highly dependent on the others. This is known as an ecosystem. 

For example, native plants do a better job of providing food and shelter for native wild animals than do introduced plants. Native plants are the foundation of our natural ecosystems and protect biodiversity. Biodiversity, short for biological diversity, describes the variety of life found in an ecosystem. This  maintenance of this variety preserves the health of our planet.

2.  Native plants are used in the development of new foods, medicines and industrial products.

3.  Native plants have developed their own natural defences against many pests and diseases, requiring less pesticide use. Reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides keeps these toxins out of our watersheds.  

4. Native plant communities provide opportunities for people to experience and appreciate Australia’s rich natural heritage. They are what make different regions unique. Native plants help connect people to nature.

Native plants are being lost to habitat destruction, invasive plants and introduced pests and diseases.

To find out more about landscaping your property with native plants and doing your bit to protect our biodiversity you can contact your local Landcare Group or a native plant nursery.  Or email