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Steiglitz Goldfields News

Here are some newsy snippets from a brochure collated by Amanda Gordon-Young. This brochure with a lot more interesting information is available for a small cost at the next Back to Steiglitz Festival and Reunion. We hope you enjoy reading!

Robert Dunnington
This man’s tomb is the last left in the old cemetery just up the hill from the Steiglitz Historical Society Building.

This man possibly broke into the Hay and Corn store of Kingleys & Kewleys in Steiglitz about 10/5/1857. He is said to have found strong drink and had a drinking spree. He wandered out on the way (home?) up to the New Chum (Mine) and fell down a shaft behind the store on Sunday. He was found in it (53 feet deep) on the Tuesday after someone heard him moaning. Died soon after. He was buried in the Old Cemetery.

From Geelong Advertiser 19/5/1857

Directions to Steiglitz Goldfield. 
Cross the Sutherlands Creek near the Moorabool (River), then travel on the high ground between the Moorabool and Sutherlands Creek till you come to the Shepherds Hut. There you are about 2 to 3 miles from the Gold Field.

(From Geelong Addy approx. October 1855)

(The Shepherds Hut was most likely at Jack Boardman’s, just south of the East End of Sharps Road.)

Man drowned down Creek. 
A man, Patrick O’Neil was arrested at Anakie from the effects of drink, brought to Steiglitz Court’ then locked up.

It was a very hot night and the chain on the door was left loose. He got out and was found face down in the creek. His shirt was found tied around a heavy stone in the creek beside the body.

(from Steiglitz Miner 16/2/1895)

See you at the next Festival Sunday 23rd October from 10am until 4pm.