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Meredith Catholic Parish Welcomes New Parish Priest

Father Charles Balnaves 
Ordained as a Catholic Priest in June 2015 I have taken up the role as Parish Priest for the Catholic Parish of Meredith as of 27th July.

My journey to this point in life is uniquely mine: English by birth, Catholic by baptism, husband to Tanya for 37 years, father to two sons, Petroleum Engineer for 30 years. Called to priesthood and sent here.

As the Parish Priest for the Catholic Parish of Meredith and Winchelsea and Bannockburn and Anakie and Inverleigh and … (how many towns are there in the parish?) I am called to help the parish grow into the future. 

I don’t know the area so I shall be looking for help and so don’t be surprised if I ask for help when/if I meet you. 

I’m here! I’m ready to work with you! Ready to live and grow with you. Ready to help discern the calls the Spirit makes to lead all of us into the future as a Graced presence of the Kingdom of God.