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Update from The Geelong Region LLEN

The Geelong Region Local learning and Employment Network (GRLLEN) works with our community to support all job seekers find careers, training and learning outcomes.  This week has seen our team in various settings across the region:

Jobs Fair – Geelong Region LLEN and Geelong Careers had a booth at the recent Jobs Fair at The Arena, and spent the day speaking with local jobseekers.  A survey was conducted to identify some of the biggest issues facing Geelong jobseekers, and what barriers they had encountered to finding and securing work.  Take aways from the day were: many jobseekers have applied to multiple employers, only to never hear back from them, and don’t know why.  

Hands on Learning – Geelong Careers Project Manager, Marianne Messer, met with Northern Bay College Senior campus Principal, Ken Massari; and Hands on Learning Regional Coordinator, Dave Scarlett, to discuss the role of Hands on Learning as a component of the regional Youth Employment Strategy which the LLEN is developing.  Hands on Learning is an innovative education program, established in 1999 that caters to the different ways young people learn. Two artisan-teachers work collaboratively with small groups of cross-age students on authentic building projects that provide a platform for students to engage, grow confidence and achieve success at school. Hands On Learning fosters strong, long term relationships that help young people develop the skills and abilities they need to succeed in work and life like collaboration, problem solving, communication, resilience and empathy. 

Vulnerable workers and Occupational Mobility – The Geelong Region LLEN’s labour market analyst and futurist, Dr. Jude Walker, will be presenting in an upcoming webinar on the topic of retrenched workers.  Dr. Walker also does presentations on the future of work to local schools, business groups and community groups

Experience Community Services Taster Program – a group of local secondary students participated in this program last week.  The group spent the day at Karingal’s Eastern Hub Geelong where they participated in a session with projectABLE (this was led by people with disability who talked openly and honestly about disability and the kinds of support people with disability need to lead a full, inclusive life), learning what Karingal do in the Geelong community and the types of careers available in the disability space.

Experience for Work for Young People - The Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) team are in the process of presenting to many VET in Schools students undertaking their trade training at the Gordon TAFE.  The purpose of the presentations is to inform students of the importance of work placements whilst undertaking their studies. Some students have secured work placements with employers throughout the Greater Geelong region, many students are yet to take advantage of the option.  SWL is often the starting point for further study and employment opportunities for many of Geelong's youth. Placement opportunities are listed on the Experience for Work for Young People website, where students can browse and consume opportunities in consultation with their VET/VCAL/Careers Teachers.  

Presentations to students undertaking training at other locations throughout the region will be completed in the coming weeks

School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SbAT) – we currently have three case studies on local students completing SbATs with local businesses – a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance at St. John of God, a Certificate III in Cabinet Making/ Joinery at JPH Joinery, and a Certificate III in Media at The Pulse Community Radio.  The annual SbAT Expo, which showcases SbATs available in the local region, was held on Tuesday 2nd August at Geelong High School, from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Community Culture Connections – Geelong Region LLEN is a member of the City of Greater Geelong’s new initiative ‘Community Culture Connections’.  The group is working on designing a heritage walk in the Northern suburbs of Geelong, with young Aboriginal and CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) students being the inspiration and designers for the walk.  Anne-Marie Ryan attended a meeting last week as the LLEN’s representative in this group.

For more information on any of these initiatives/programs, contact the Geelong Region LLLEN on (03) 5229 0922 Or email