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Teesdale Primary School

We have a busy few weeks to the end of term as you can see from our report this month.

Cats BioLab Excursion
The 5/6 students were invited to the Geelong Cats BioLab.  Molly compared her hand size to Lachie Henderson.  Scout learnt about the construction of a football.  James tested his vertical leap.  Josh, Leah and Molly tested their ability to collect game statistics.  The students had a great day.

National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Year 3 and 5 Reports
The annual individual NAPLAN Results for Years 3 and 5 were sent home recently. The results provide a snapshot of your child’s achievement, against National benchmarks.  If you have any queries about the results, please feel free to arrange an appointment to discuss the report with your child’s teacher. 

Corio and Moorabool Districts Athletic Sports 
Congratulations to our students who competed in the District Athletic Sports.  Lachlan S, Jack W, Mason P, Olivia H, Patrick S, James H, Joanne K, Nyah O, Sam W, Riley Mc, Jessica N and Nyah K have been selected to now compete in the Division (North Geelong and Bellarine schools) Athletics, on Tuesday 13th September at Landy Field, Geelong.  We wish them all the best.

Student Free Curriculum Day  - Friday 9th September
At the up-coming Student Free Day, teachers will participate in a workshop, led by Behaviour Consultant, Louise O’Kelly.  The day will be focussed on how we can continue to work on building our students’ social competencies.  Throughout their lives students must continually work on their approach in developing positive interactions with others and their own sense of self-worth.  Such behaviours as team players, conflict problem solving, peer awareness and respect are all important to consider in a holistic approach.  We also constantly refer to our “Five Values at Teesdale” as a tool to support student reflection.  We look forward to the day to continue to build staff knowledge and strategies about this important area.

School Concert and Rehearsal  - Tuesday 13th September
The School Concert will be held at the Geelong West Town Hall, starting at 7pm.  Students are required at 6:30pm sharp.  Tickets will be sold at the door on Concert night.  There is a planned rehearsal for the concert on the same day, at Geelong West Town Hall.  Students will be travelling by bus at 10.30am and returning by 3pm.  Normal school times will apply. We are looking forward to joining the whole school community at the Concert that evening.

Grounds Project 2016 progress
Our Sandpit and Sensory Garden Project Plan is on display at the front office reception.    Stage 1 will see the construction of the new sandpit and adjoining pathways.  Our students are eager to see the construction of the new sandpit area by the end of next term.

Shrine of Remembrance 5/6  - Wednesday 7th September
Senior students have been invited to commemorate the Battle for Australia at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.  The ceremony is then followed by a tour of the Shrine.  

Farm Walk 5/6  - Thursday 8th September
The farm walk is the conclusion of the seven week “Childless Tractors” farm safety program provided by Hesse Rural Health Service.  The program informs students about the dangers on a farm, such as chemicals and dams, how to do first aid and how the students can be safe in all aspects of farming life.  The farm visit will be held at Wurrook South, a farm on the Rokewood-Shelford Road. 

Ballarat Wildlife Park P-2  - Friday 2nd September
Our humanities theme in the Junior School for this term is “Australian Animals”.  To experience the animals we have been studying throughout the unit, we have arranged an excursion to the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

National Asthma Week 1-7 September
The theme for National Asthma Week is “Become a Better Breather”.  The week coincides with the beginning of spring and as pollens are a known trigger for Asthma, this is an excellent time to ensure your child’s asthma is well controlled.  Regular review of your child’s asthma with your GP and pharmacist will help them to become a better breather.  Asthma Kids is an online, interactive tool to help primary school aged children understand what it’s like to have asthma and what they can do to help. 

Check it out at

2016 Parent Opinion Survey
Thank you to the parents who were randomly selected to complete this survey.  Surveys have been sent off to an independent organisation for collation and reporting.  Results will be shared with parents via School Council later in the year.  

eSmart – Being smart, safe and responsible
Sending and downloading images and videos is easy – the hard part is knowing what the person you send it to might do with it.

If you wouldn’t want a photo, video or information about you displayed at school assembly, think twice before you post, email or text it to anyone.

It’s never a good idea to send a photo or video of yourself to someone you don’t know in real life.

Be respectful: don’t take pictures of someone unless they know you’re taking them – especially if they are doing something that they might regret or be embarrassed by later, or might get them into trouble.

Please visit:

Over the past three weeks we have been creating our new 'Bush Foods Garden'. Students have been learning about traditional foods used by Indigenous people and some of their many uses in today’s cooking.  We have planted four bush foods including lemon myrtle, muntries, apple berry and Warrigal greens.  Students really loved the smell of the lemon myrtle leaves with their fresh fragrance of creamy lemon and lime which can be used in a variety of both savoury and sweet dishes.

Today we commenced building another three wicking beds made from old fruit crates. Over the next three weeks students will be measuring materials and filling the crates with scoria and potting mix ready for planting our spring vegetables. 

The grade 1/2 classes enjoyed a session in the garden learning about and looking at habitat in our school garden for native animals. They learned about a very special tree called Sweet Bursaria, which is habitat to a rare species of butterfly called the Bright Copper Butterfly. We also planted seed from this tree as well as Black She-Oak and Flinders Ranges Wattle to grow new plants for our school.

In the kitchen students have been making the most of seasonal ingredients such as cabbage, cauliflower and beetroot to create some tasty pancakes, dips and warm salads. The warm winter salad with chorizo and bacon was a particular hit at the cafe!

Thank you to Mel V who has been a volunteer in our kitchen garden program most of the year. If anyone is interested in volunteering in the kitchen or garden, all you need is a valid working with children's check. Parent support is much appreciated.

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser
Teesdale PS will be at Geelong North Bunnings on Saturday 22nd October hosting the Bunning’s sausage sizzle.  This is a major fundraiser for the year, but we need your help for it to be a success.  Please mark the date and pop your name onto the roster if you can help.  Of course, it will be a good time to call in to Bunnings and purchase your DIY supplies and visit the sausage sizzle tent at the same time!

The PFA are currently organising the Father’s Day Stall to be held on Thursday 1st September.  Gifts will cost $5.00 each and there will be a range to choose from that Dad will sure to love.

A special thank you to the PFA team for organising Muffin and Hot Chocolate Day.  The children enjoyed their special treat, especially as the weather has been so cold.

Thank you to families for supporting the Geelong Food Winter Relief Toucan Appeal.  

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Enrolment at Teesdale PS
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If you did not make our Parent Session last month and you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on 5281 5218, or head to our website at:

•  No school on Friday 9th September!

•  Don’t forget to buy a sausage from us at Bunnings!

•  Well done Damien Birkinhead in Rio 2016.  We made a spud in your honour!