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Annual Boneseed Pull at Inverleigh Nature Reserve

On Sunday the 14th August 2016 the Friends of the Inverleigh Nature Conservation Reserve meet for their 25th Annual Boneseed Pull.

Every year we hope this will be the last year of finding boneseed but unfortunately we continue to find seedlings and some large plants.

As it was the 25th Anniversary Parks Ranger Tamara Karner presented us with a certificate of appreciation from Parks Victoria for our work.

The Friends group was formed in September 1990, this year is our 26th anniversary.

Rob Beardsley one of the founding members of the group first introduced us to the pleasures of wandering through the bush looking for boneseed. The Geelong Field Naturalists Club had been pulling the South African weed during their years of flora and fauna in the Reserve.

This year we found over 200 plants and Neil Anderton found a number of very large plants in a clump of prickly acacia (Acacia Paradoxa).


Back row: Neil Anderton, Keith Windle, Richard Palmer

Front Row: Gavin Gamble, David Bruce, Dianne Hughes, Tamara Karner, Lina Murphy, Steve Murphy and Rob Beardsley