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Bannockburn Golf Club News

All members of the Bannockburn Golf Club are excited as the Victorian Sand Green Championships are about to take place during the first week in September on our course.

Golfers from all over Victoria have entered into the Championships with over 100 ladies playing 36 holes on 7th and 8th September and 100 men playing 36 holes over the following weekend. The golf course is looking good and it is expected to be a major success for the club.

These Championships will bring together many hours of volunteer work by the club members in planning, obtaining sponsors, catering and preparation of the course and demonstrates when small committees collectively work together they can achieve very successful outcomes.

All that is now needed is for the weather to be kind during the week.

Highlight for the month for the men was a 3-way tie for the Monthly Medal between Marty Pfarrer, Dick Van Den Bosch and Glen Brown with a score of 68 net. They will now need to playoff for the medal.

However not to be outdone in the Ladies competition Alison Pfarrer has won the ladies comp for 4 weeks in a row, which will bring great form in to the Sand Greens Championships for Alison.

To anyone new to golf, having a break from golf, or experienced golfers who are interested in joining a relaxed inclusive Golf Club with tree lined fairways available 7 days a week you can contact the club via the website at or to the Club Secretary on 0417 329 764.

31 August 2016 18 Holes Stroke.  Myrtle Clements Rd. 6 & Silver Spoon Playoff 
Winner:  S. Moosbrugger 87/19/68nett, A. Pfarrer 87/16/71nett, G Jolly c/b 98/26/72nett, A. Gulino 93/21/72nett, S. Armstrong 112/37/75nett 
NTP:10th H. Prince, Magpie: 8th Club. 
Silver Spoon Playoff Winner:  S. Armstrong

27 August 2106 - Event Stableford
Winners Men, A Lennon 37pts, G Armstrong 36pts, B Hughes 35pts, G Ward 34pts, 
M Pfarrer 33pts
Winners Ladies, A Gulino 38pts, H Prince 35pts
NTP's 1st. K Davis, 3rd Men M McLaren, 3rd Ladies A Pfarrer, 10th H Prince
15th Ladies Magpie, A Gulino, 17th Men’s Magpie. G Armstrong
Mid-Week- Winners H Kersten 41pts, B Hughes 36pts D Van Den Bosch 32pts.

24 August 2016 18 Holes Par Winner:  
A. Pfarrer -2, H. Prince -3, S. Armstrong -7 c/b A. Gulino -7
NTP: 1st.  P. Graham, MAGPIE: 15th A. Pfarrer

19 August 2016 Event: Stroke, Monthly Medal
Winners Men: M Pfarrer 68 net. D Van Den Bosch 68 net, G Brown 68 net T Sauni 69 net L Bagley 71 net R Prince 71 net A Joyce 71 net L Hines 72 net
Winners Ladies: A Pfarrer 70 net, P Graham 81 net
NTP's 1st B Hughes 3rd Men: G Armstrong, 3rd Ladies A Pfarrer, 8th A Joyce
15th Ladies Magpie: A Pfarrer. 17th Men's Magpie
Mid-Week 18 holes: Winners: M Satchell 33pts, M Satchell 30pts
Mid-Week 9 holes Winners: V Dobson 18pts

17 August 2016 18 Holes Stableford & Monthly Medal 
Winner:  A. Pfarrer 33pts, H. Prince c/b P. Graham 28pts.
NTP: 10th A. Gulino, MAGPIE: 8th A. Pfarrer

13 August 2016 Event: Stableford. 
Winners Men: G Brown 40pts, H Kersten 38pts, I Henderson 35pts, M McLaren 35pts
Joyce 35pts, Balls to 34pts
Ladies: A Pfarrer 36pts, K Davis 32pts
NTP"s 1st K Davis 3rd Men's A Joyce 3rd Ladies' P Graham. 8th G Ward 10th R Dalton
15th B Hughes
15th Ladies Magpie: A Pfarrer, Birdie Hole 9th G Armstrong
Mid-Week Winners: I Henderson 38pts G Brown 35pts, B Hughes 34pts

10 August 2016  18 Holes Stroke.  Myrtle Clements Rd.5 & Silver Spoon 4th Rd.
WINNER:  S. Armstrong 108/38/70 nett, A. Gulino 92/21/71, A. Pfarrer 90/17/73
NTP. 3rd.  P. Graham, Magpie 15th.  P. Graham

6 August 2016 Event: Stroke
Winners Men: B Hughes 64net; M Satchell 66net; W Hines 66net; S Mullen 68net; C Gillett 68net
Women: V Dobson 71net; S Dyer 74net
NTP's 1st M Pfarrer 3rd. M Satchell,
15th S Cullen,15th Ladies Magpie: S Dyer,17th Men’s Magpie: W Hines
Mid-Week Winners: 18 Holes; G Leach 38pts M Satchell 34pts, 9 Holes: A Dobson 19pts

30 July 2016 Event: 2 Person Ambrose.
Winners: B. Prince & H Prince 60 1/4 net. A Joyce & H Kersten 63 net. Balls to 65 1/2 net
Grose Winners: R Dalton & C Gillett
NTP's, 1st M Pfarrer, 8th A Joyce, 10th A Scott
Mid-Week 18 holes Winners I Henderson 34pts H Kersten 33pts, A Joyce 32pts balls to 30 pts
Mid-Week 9 Holes G Armstrong, Last Week 9 Holes S Armstrong