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Maude Recreation Reserve

Thanks to the Golden Plains Shire, we now have several large roadside signs showing the way to our Bunjil viewing platform at the Maude Recreation Reserve.

This week is my turn for the Reserve cleaning roster, and I spent several hours there the other day doing long overdue little jobs. There was a constant parade of cars being driven up to the platform, taking photos and reading the information. The only thing missing was a flesh and blood eagle, which was a pity as they are often to be seen soaring over the river valley below. The view is magnificent at present – green, green, green!

There has been a big cleanup of overgrown sugar gums and unhealthy pine trees on the Reserve recently. We apologise for the extra wind for the time being. There is no other way to remove such vegetation to allow replanting of more suitable local species. 

Sugar gums, native to South Australia, were planted at many small country schools in the early 1900’s, no doubt for quick shelter and a supply of firewood for the school. Unfortunately the only way they know is UP, and they need lopping on a regular basis. Once coppiced, the resultant trunks can become quite unsafe and are prone to breaking off at the base in strong wind. We have had a significant number of trunks and large branches falling this year and felt it was time to act. The area will be replanted with suitable local species as soon as possible.