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Maude Fire Brigade

A repeat of last month’s reminder……..
Winter time is the best time to get rid of all those heaps of garden rubbish, prunings and other bits and pieces piled up for burning.

The surrounding vegetation is thoroughly wet for the first time for ages, or so it seems, so now is the time! Make a quick phone call to Vicfire on 1800 668 511 to let them know – that way you won’t have some well meaning passerby report your fire and have the local brigade turn up. THAT would be very embarrassing!

There will be a meeting of the Brigade Fundraising Sub-Committee on Monday, 5th September, 2016 at 7.30pm at the Fire Station to finalize arrangements for the barbeque we will be running at the Back to Steiglitz on 23rd October.

There will be no training on the first Sunday in September, as it is Fathers’ Day. Training will be arranged at some time later in the month. The Comms officer would like to remind slip-on drivers to check the volume setting on the UHF radio when trying to call in on your morning run. It seems that it is often turned right down, so cannot be heard.