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Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven, Landcare Group

Have you heard about the not-for-profit organisation:  Trust for Nature?
Trust for Nature works with private landowners who wish to preserve their land and protect our native plants and wildlife now and for future generations.

Two-thirds of Victoria is privately owned, and land clearing continues to nibble away at bushland and forest. Consequently  many of these species and their habitats are not currently getting the necessary protection. 

Increasingly native animals in Australia are rapidly approaching extinction if they haven’t disappeared already.  

The removal of their habitat and the devastating effect of introduced weeds and animals such as cats, foxes  and rabbits are threatening our biodiversity, the health of our ecosystems, our  land and water and our native flora and fauna.

The Trust was established under the Victorian Conservation Trust Act 1972 to enable people to contribute permanently to nature conservation by donating land or money. Since 1972 Trust for Nature has evolved into one of Victoria’s primary land conservation organisations, with several tools to help people protect biodiversity on private land. Each parcel of private land under covenant is contributing to a local, national and global network of protected areas for conservation. Recently the carbon stocks on covenanted land in Victoria were calculated by ‘Forests Alive.’  The results are substantial and incredibly positive for conservation and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Since 1978 when Trust for Nature developed conservation covenants as a way to protect native plants and wildlife on private land, it has now protected more than 58,000 hectares through over 1,300 perpetual conservation covenants. The Trust has also purchased and preserved more than 59 properties across Victoria through its  Revolving Fund, as well as currently owning and managing 44 properties that cover over 36,000 hectares of Victoria.

The Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary on the banks of the Moorabool River at Batesford is one of these properties, privately owned as well as covenanted with Trust for Nature.