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Teesdale Primary School

Welcome to term 4
We hope everyone had a safe and happy school holiday break and have returned ready to face the busy final term for 2016.  We have three camps, the kinder transition program and the year six graduation to look forward to in the busy weeks ahead!

A Sense of Community
Involvement in the school community is a great way for families to also feel connected to their local community.   There are many opportunities across our school events and projects for parents to feel involved in their child’s school.  Such activities are a great way to both contribute and meet new people from the community.  A few opportunities that you can readily consider:

•  Recently two events were conducted by the Parents and Friends Association (PFA).  The “Muffin and Hot Chocolate Day” and Father’s Day Stall provided an opportunity for support.  You can always see PFA President Kim Andrews to offer support for PFA events. 

•  The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is always looking for help in the garden.  See parent Deb Smith to offer support in this area.

•  The Sandpit project is currently underway.  See parent Lana Van Galen to offer support in this area.

•  Working Bees are held once a term on a Sunday morning, 9-11am.  All welcome.

•  Mudbrick Café.  The Café is open once a month from 11.30am – 12.15pm.  Students provide both service to guests and also perform two small performances.  All are welcome to attend at the next Café opening on Wednesday 12th October.

Such examples provide parents with a range of flexible options to support the school and also gain a sense of connection to the local community. 

Farm Walk 5/6 Excursion
The Farm Walk was held on the 8th September as the conclusion of the seven week “Childless Tractors” farm safety program provided by Hesse Rural Health Service.  The program informed students about the dangers on a farm, such as chemicals and dams, how to do first aid and how the students can be safe in all aspects of farming life.  The farm visit was held at Wurrook South, a farm on the Rokewood-Shelford Road. 

Too much UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer.  You can’t see or feel the sun’s UV, so don’t be fooled.  Whatever the weather, if the UV levels are three or more, it’s important to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SEEK and SLIDE!

At school in term 4 and term 1 the rule is “No hat, no play!” so please ensure your child has a wide-brimmed hat.

eSmart – Being smart, safe and responsible
Flicks & Pics:
Sending and downloading images and videos is easy – the hard part is knowing what the person you send it to might do with it.

Think carefully about your safety before you accept a file or webcam feed from someone you do not know or trust in the real world.

Remember that (static) web cam images can be faked – seeing an image of someone you’re chatting online to, doesn’t mean they are who they say they are.

If you see something online or get a text that scares or worries you, tell a trusted adult right away, and block the person who sent it to you.

Please visit:

School Concert 
The School Concert was held on Tuesday 13th September at the Geelong West Town Hall.  

What a fantastic night!  The students performed very well and enjoyed singing and dancing to the theme “Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden - Healthy Food”.  Students enjoyed showcasing their creative talents at the concert – including making props, writing songs and singing.  They were so very excited to be performing in front of family and friends!  

Special thanks to our Music teacher, Earl Leonard, for all of his efforts to manage all aspects of the concert and to all staff for their support and of course, their special “Hey Food” performance, which was a lot of fun!

SAKGP Kitchen/Garden
It's spring and there's plenty to do in the garden. It's time to get busy putting manure and mulch around fruit trees. We're lucky we've had plenty of hands to help with this task! Thank you 3/4's. It's also time to plant the following vegetable seeds and seedlings but keep them protected from frosts: tomato, capsicum, zucchini, pumpkin, beans, carrots, lettuce and potato tubers. We have protected our chilli and capsicum seedlings by making mini greenhouses out of used milk bottles. Simply cut the bottom out of the bottle and place it over the top of your seedling. Secure it with a bamboo cane or similar to stop it blowing away and there you have a nice little microclimate for your seedling! Happy gardening everyone!

Parents and Friends Association (PFA)
Upcoming events for term 4:

22nd October – Bunnings Corio BBQ 
We are looking for lots of volunteers for this day. A roster will be placed at the office with 2 hour time slots and we would love to see lots of names on the roster. This is a major fundraiser for the year, but we need your help for it to be a success.  

10th November – High Eight Living Fundraising night

24th November – Muffin and Chocolate Milk at recess

Muffin and Hot Chocolate Day - Thank you for supporting this fundraiser.  A total of $426.79 was raised.

Father’s Day Stall - We hope Dad enjoyed his special gift.  Thank you to the PFA for their wonderful efforts.

If you’d like to know more please contact us on our FB page, or come see us at school.

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 11th October 

We really do appreciate the efforts of our fantastic volunteers and extend a very big thank you for the work you do.

If there is anyone in our local community who would like to volunteer at school, we would love to hear from you.  There are many ways to help out at our school.  You may like to volunteer in the kitchen/garden classes, donate home-grown produce to our school, sew, bake or just help out with activities on event days.  

•  All volunteers require a Working with Children’s Check, which is valid for 5 years at no cost for volunteers.
•  Connect with PFA on Facebook: 
• Teesdale Primary School PFA:

Enrol now for 2017
If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on 5281 5218 or head to our website at: 

Don’t forget to read our newsletters online at our website or on the Parent Portal on Sentral.  Printed copies can still be obtained from the school office or at the Teesdale General Store.

• It’s not okay to be away, school holidays are over!

• Well done to students and staff at the School Concert!

• Don’t forget Geelong Show Day is Friday 14th October!

Prep Performers at the School Concert