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Bannockburn Golf Club News

Victorian Sand Greens Championships
The Victorian Sand Greens Championships that were held during the month, have been extremely successful.  Golf Victoria representatives made the following comments regarding the championships.

“The Bannockburn Golf Club is to be highly commended on the manner in which they have hosted both championships this week. The club and its committee members and volunteers have spared no effort in welcoming players to their home, which was reflected in the positive atmosphere throughout the championships.”

The Victorian Women’s Sand Greens Champion for 2016 is Helen Leech from the Neangar Park Golf Club. Helen had a Gross score 153 (79 & 74) to win by 9 shots from the 2015 Victorian Women’s Sand Green Champion, Helen Pascoe.

The A-Grade Net winner is Joy Kennedy from the Axedale Golf Club.
The B-Grade Gross and Net winner is Judi Guest from the Midlands Golf Club.

Judi had a Gross score of 172 (86 & 86) and Nett score of 123 (63 & 63). 

Judi won the B-Grade Gross by 12 shots and the B Grade Nett by 13 shots. 

Pam Graham is the B-Grade Nett runner-up with 139 (70 & 69). Pam also won the B-Grade, Round 1, Best Nett.

The C-Grade Gross and Nett winner is Roslyn Kerr from the Bandiana Army Golf Club.

Roslyn had a Gross score of 187 (95 & 92) and Nett score of 131 (67 & 64). Roslyn won the C-Grade Gross by 4 shots and the C-Grade Nett by 2 shots.

Victorian Men’s Sand Greens Champion for 2106 is Edward Carracher from Euroa Golf Club.

Edward had a score of 145 (72 & 73) to win by 5 shots.

Round 1 A-Grade Gross Runner-Up Craig Boucher  

B-Grade Gross Winner Dale Grambau B-Grade Gross Runner-Up Ross Murray  

C-Grade Gross Winner Bert Moritz C-Grade Gross Runner-Up Henk Kersten  

A-Grade Nett Winner Darren Armstrong.  A-Grade Nett Runner-Up Rod Schwarz 

B-Grade Nett Winner Des Read.  B-Grade Nett Runner-Up Ronald Oakley

C-Grade Nett Winner Bert Moritz C-Grade Nett Runner-Up Henk Kersten

Friday 4BBB Winners- A Lennon & Colin Carmody R/Up Steven Astbury & Dick Van Den Bosch

Club Results
28 Sept 2016 18 Holes Stableford.  Wallace-Lynch Trophy
WINNER:   S. Armstrong 34pts, A. Gulino 32pts, S. Moosbrugger 28pts c/b P. Graham 28pts. 
NTP:  10th L. Thomson, MAGPIE: 8th A. Gulino

24 Sept 2106 Event: Stableford
Winners Men H Kersten 40pts, G Leach 39pts, L Hines 39pts, A Scott 37pts, I Henderson 36pts, Balls to 33pts
Winners Ladies: V Dobson 31pts, cb S Dyer 31pts
NTP's 1st A Green, 3rd L Hines, 8th G Ward, 10th R Dalton, 15th A Green
15th Ladies Magpie K Davis
Winners Mid-Week: I Henderson 39pts, G Armstrong 38pts, H Kersten 37pts G 
Moosbrugger 34pts, M Satchell 33pts

21 Sept 201618 Holes Stroke & Myrtle Clemments Round 7. 
WINNER:  A. Gulino 94/21/73nett, S. Moosbrugger 94/19/75nett, P. Graham 102/22/80nett 
NTP: 3rd. J. Peterson, MAGPIE: 15th. S. Moosbrugger

21 Sept 2016 event: Stroke Monthly Medal
Winners Men: F Hitchcock 68net, M Beasley 69ent, B Hughes 70net I Henderson 72net, C Kitchen 72net Balls to 75net
Ladies: K Davis 74net, A Gulino 75net
NTP's 3rd V Graham, 10th S Dyer, 15th F Hitchcock,15th Ladies Magpie: A Gulino
17th Men’s Magpie: A Scott
Mid-Week 18 holes D Van Den Bosch 35pts

5 Sept 2016 18 Holes Stableford.  Team & Individual Event. Noel Tanner Silver Salver
Winning Team:  Inverleigh 1, 103pts. Team:  R. Fatone 28pts, A. Lynch 36pts, H. Gaylard 39 pts
A. Grade Winner:  S. Holmes 39pts, Inverleigh.    B Grade Winner: H. Gaylard 39pts, Inverleigh
9 Holes Out: A. Lynch 19pts, Inverleigh. 9 Holes in: C. Angus 21pts, Beeac.
NTP'S: 1st. D. Nicholls, Inverleigh. 3rd. T. Mackay, Beeac.  10th. A. Gross, Barwon Heads.

3 Sept 2016 Event Stroke
Men's Winners: S Mullen 65nett, cb B Moritz 65nett, M Satchell 66net I Henderson 68nett, A Clark 68net, W Hines 68nett Balls to 70nett
Women's Winners: S Dyer 72nett, K Davis 78nett
NTP's 1st I Henderson, 3rd M McLaren. 10th A Joyce.15th H Kersten,
15th Ladies Magpie, A Gulino, 17th Men's Magpie
Mid-Week 18 holes
Winners I Henderson 41pts, D Van Den Bosch 33pts, G Hayward 33pts, A Lennon 33pts
Mid-Week 9 holes Winner R Pfarrer.