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Meditation for Life Term 4 - 'My Merry Christmas to You'

We are fast approaching the end of the year and what a year it has been so far. We are awaiting the Spring weather. Spring invites us to come out of hibernation and get back outdoors to restore our Vitamin D levels and get moving again.

We are also heading into a busy time of the year. The last minute rush to get everything completed prior to stopping for our well deserved rest and break over Christmas and New Year.

But, why wait that long? 

Why not do yourself a favour and start at the beginning of term with taking some valuable time out for yourself. Retrain your body to rest and digest when it needs to and create a calmer you before the silly season begins!

Many think Meditation is just a way of ‘quietening the mind,’ but there is so much more to it than that. The mind and body are very much connected. Quiet your mind and the body will also respond in like.

A calmer body functions better. Blood pressure reduces, we have more energy to do the things we want to do, we make clearer decisions and in general feel better. Some say that after Meditation they feel tired, where in actual fact they feel relaxed. Often they haven’t felt that relaxed feeling for so long, they confuse it with feeling sleepy or tired.

So, think of this as an early Christmas gift to yourself!

Meditation for Life Term 4 (8-week Course)
Starts Tuesday 18th October through to Tuesday 13th December 
Each Tuesday evening, 7pm to 8pm at the Bannockburn Cultural Centre
Normally $100 - This term it will be only $90.00 (My Christmas gift to you!)

Past Meditation for Life students are entitled to return for the 8-week program for $40.00.
Please Note there will be no class on the 1st November as it is Melbourne Cup Day) 

Don’t wait for New Years Eve and your New Year’s resolution to make a decision to take time out for yourself. Do it now! Think about a calmer you. This is not only beneficial to you but those around you. 

Bookings are essential. To book in please phone Lisa on 0403 559 536. Credit card payments are accepted.

I look forward to seeing you next term. Stay healthy and happy!