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Seasonal change to water supplies

Barwon Water will begin accessing water from its Moorabool system reservoirs from Monday, September 26.

As is normal practice at this time of year, customers in Geelong’s northern suburbs and parts of Golden Plains Shire will switch supply sources. 

“During the warmer months, we balance the surface water storages across our network. This means some areas rely more on water from catchments in the Moorabool system, north of Geelong, rather than catchments in the Otways, to the west and, this year, the Melbourne to Geelong pipeline,” Mr Northey said.

“Bannockburn, Teesdale and Inverleigh switch entirely to the Moorabool system and suburbs in some parts of Geelong receive a blend of water from the Barwon and Moorabool catchments,” he said. 

Mr Northey said activating the Moorabool system meant the Melbourne to Geelong pipeline, which has been supplementing supplies in northern Geelong since April, would be turned off. 

The pipeline remains an insurance policy against future drought.

“Barwon Water has access to multiple water sources, providing greater security of supply. Switching between water sources may occur at any time to optimise use and maintain supplies,” he said.

He said some customers may notice a change in the taste of their water as a result of the change to the Moorabool system.

All water supplied is 100 per cent safe and compliant with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The Moorabool supply system is currently at 81 per cent capacity, up from 52 per cent this time last year.