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Maude Fire Brigade

Please make a phone call to Vicfire on 1800 668 511 to let them know if you are going to burn those remaining heaps of prunings and tree branches. While your fire might be perfectly safe and the day suitable for burning, there is often a well-meaning person who will call 000 and report your fire.

This result is the local brigades being called out, and local farmers, small business people and other volunteer members losing precious work time, just because you didn’t make that call.

Pre-season training is starting now. All members are reminded that you must complete all requirements of the training, and attend at least three training sessions to be allowed on the trucks during the fire season.

The Comms officer would like to remind slip-on drivers to check the volume setting on the UHF radio when trying to call in on your morning run. It seems that it is often turned right down, so cannot be heard. 

Thank you to those members who have volunteered to help with the cycling events again in September. This is a handy fundraising event for the Brigade and helps the Cycling Club run their races safely.

There have been a number of small catering jobs recently to keep the ladies on their toes. The big event coming up is the Back to Steiglitz on October 23rd. There will be a meeting of the Brigade Fundraising Sub Committee at the Fire Shed on Monday, October 3rd to make final arrangements for this day, and also another three small events during October. Then, before we know it, Christmas will be here!