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Landcare - Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven

Agapanthus praecox ssp. Orientalis

Late winter early spring in the Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary (DRFFS) – Batesford
Covenant College, the Green Army and Conservation Volunteers Australia together with Batesford Fyansford Stonehaven Landcare group members have spent many hours digging out and removing Agapanthus, environmental weeds, from the DRFFS.

Agapanthus plants were originally introduced to the sanctuary as a driveway border to the homestead but have now invaded the native bushland and are interfering with the natural regeneration of indigenous vegetation needed for the survival of bird life, mammals  and reptiles.

Did you  know?
•  agapanthus produce large quantities of seeds which spread rapidly  via wind, water and animals (feral, domestic and human), vehicles and farm equipment
•  illegal dumping of garden waste on our roadsides contributes to the spread of many environmental weeds (garden escapees)

What can you do?
* don’t  plant agapanthus in your garden
* dig out and remove existing plants, or use systematic herbicide applied to foliage 
*  remove seed heads before they ripen and release seeds, put them into black plastic bags and then into bins 
* replace agapanthus with non invasive plants

Agapanthus replacement plants
•  Blue-flax Lily – Dianella revolute 
* Mat-rushes - Lomandra longifolia
•  Kangaroo Paws - Anigozanthos species

You will find details on Weeds of the Moorabool and Golden Plains Shire and also Indigenous Planting Guides on

For information about the history of the Sanctuary, the flora and fauna and working bees in the sanctuary go to

Agapanthus Seed Head