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Golden Plains Shire community encouraged to review Local Law

Golden Plains Shire Council is developing a new Local Law to replace Local Law No. 2 – Public Amenity, Roads and Streets and invites the community to have their say.

Local Laws are made by Councils in response to identified problems and are designed to mitigate or eliminate existing or foreseeable problems.

The review of Local Law No 2. was driven by issues arising from community feedback and Council reports and the revised draft aims to allow Golden Plains Shire residents to enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

The draft Local Law addresses issues concerning people and property, legal disposal of waste, animals, matters concerning general activities on roads, parking, livestock on roads, standpipe management and administration of the local law.

Golden Plains Shire Council CEO Rod Nicholls says this is a great opportunity for the community to have their say as submissions regarding the draft Local Law will be considered by Council and may inform changes to the final document.

“Local Laws are important because they are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Golden Plains community. The issues covered are close to the heart of our community and this is their opportunity to have their say.”

“Golden Plains Shire is a wonderful place to live and work, and Local Law No. 2 – Public Amenity, Roads and Streets is designed to protect and support our growing communities. I encourage those interested to review the Explanatory Report and Local Law.”

“The revised draft is the result of a comprehensive process of document development and review. The draft Local Law have been informed by common community complaints, internal workshops, investigations and general compliance activities. The draft Local Law No. 2 was reviewed and formatted by Harwood Andrews Lawyers and was considered at two recent Councillor workshops.”

Golden Plains Shire Council has developed an Explanatory Report which provides further detail, including a plain English explanation for the drafting of a new local law, an introduction to the content and key objectives of the proposed local law and a summary of the public notification and approval procedures.

Any person may make a written submission to Council under section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989. Written submissions must be received by Council by 5.00pm on Monday 14 November 2016. Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Golden Plains Shire Council and sent by mail to PO Box 111, Bannockburn, VIC 3331.

A copy of the Explanatory Report and the proposed local law may be inspected at the Bannockburn Customer Service Centre, 2 Pope Street, Bannockburn, VIC 3331 and Linton Customer Service Centre, 68 Sussex Street, Linton, VIC 3331. Alternatively, a copy of the proposed Local Law is available for review on the Golden Plains Shire website at