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Open letter to the local community from Bannockburn Fire Brigade Captain.

Over the past several months there has been a lot of press covering various topics and issues within the CFA and especially in regards to the Volunteers and their position with some aspects of the Enterprise Bargain Agreement between the CFA and the United Fire Fighters Union.

This has led to some people in the community feeling that the response by firefighters – both Volunteer and Career - may be compromised.

Let me assure you that all volunteers and career firefighters are committed to working together in the common goal of preserving life and property. There will be no change to the Volunteer Brigades or the Districts/career firefighter response this year compared with any other year. In fact there are systems in place this year that will enhance the response from previous years. Things such as more air support and a more systematic response by the local Brigades.

We, the CFA members, are trained and ready to support the community now and into summer period, however please take note of the following. Many members of the public feel that Bannockburn is safe from fire, but we are exposed to fast moving grass fires and these can cause major losses and even death so we need you all to be prepared and have some plan should this occur. The Brigade has a plan in place so help us to help you by also having a plan. Consider what you would do if a fire was approaching the town from the north- west at 7kph or running along the creek that divides the town. It would be hot, smoky, hard to see, you may not have power and the water pressure may be drastically reduced. The house next door maybe on fire.

Please prepare for the fire season and do such things as – clear gutters and roofs, keep grass cut to less than 10cm, remove flammable items from decks and or verandas.

If you would like more information on preparation visit the CFA web page or call in at Bannockburn Fire Station any Sunday Morning between 8.30 and 9.30am when you will find the volunteers there ensuring that all our equipment and appliances are fully prepared and ready for whatever we are asked to respond to.

So far this year your local volunteers at Bannockburn have responded to over 60 incidents/fires and we are now just entering our busier time of the year. You can be assured that all CFA members whether they are Volunteers or Career firefighters will do all we can to keep our communities as safe as we can. You can also help by being prepared.


Barry Planner,
Bannockburn CFA Brigade Captain