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Maude Fire Brigade

Please don’t forget to register your burnoffs and rubbish fires with Vicfire before you light up. This saves the possibility of your fire being reported and fire trucks being turned out. A quick call to 1800 668 511  and then if it is reported, Vicfire can identify your burn and no-one will be turned out – unless, of course, it gets away!

Pre-season training is underway now. All members are reminded that you must complete all requirements of the training and attend at least three training sessions to be allowed on the fire trucks for the coming fire season.

The Comms officer would like to remind slip-on drivers to check the volume setting on the UHF radio when trying to call in on your morning run. It seems that it is often turned right down, so cannot be heard. 

The Back to Steiglitz event was held on October 23rd on a cool overcast day, fortunately with very little rain. Numbers were down this year no doubt due to the weather and the number of other functions in the general area. A large crew of Brigade members and helpers manned the barbecue and provided visitors with our usual popular fare. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way.

Our annual Christmas Barbecue will be held at the Fire Shed on Saturday, 17th December. Further details will be available in the next newsletter, and fliers will be delivered around our Brigade area soon.



There will be a meeting of the fundraising sub-committee of the Brigade on Monday, 28th November at 7.30 at the Fire Shed. Anyone interested in joining this cheerful, but slightly mad group will be made very welcome!