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Meditation - Part of your Mind Body Toolbox for Better Health

Recently I received an invitation from the MS Foundation in Blackburn to come and talk to a group about ‘Meditation for Life’ and how people diagnosed with MS could use simple meditation techniques in their mind body toolbox - that is, tools that we can all use daily to assist us on our health journey.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition where the myelin sheath (the protective layer of the nerve) is affected and no longer insulates the nerve and can lead to pain, discomfort and more. The 90-minute presentation I gave incorporated the ‘Mindful Breath,’ a breathing technique that anyone can use anytime, anywhere to regain calm and assist the nervous system. 

The group have had a series of professional talks from artists, nutritionists and more, all speaking on different skills that everyone can develop to help them maintain a sense of calm. The addition of different strategies and practices we can add to our Mind Body Toolbox can only assist us all to better health and wellbeing.

Meditation for Life is not a miracle cure, however when practiced it can help anybody to disconnect from their discomfort, rather than attach themselves to the discomfort which makes matters worse.

Short presentations on Meditation for Life can also help people in the workplace calm themselves when faced with stressful situations.

Marita does a variety of workshops to suit any business or organisation. For further information please phone Marita on 0425 735 581 or email your enquiry to

Marita also conducts 8-week personal practice courses at the Bannockburn Cultural Centre on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 8pm. Please see 2017 term dates below and note that 2nd term is only 5 weeks with sessions running 7pm-8.30pm to ensure the course is covered in full.

Term 1 7th February to 28th March 2017 7pm - 8pm

Term 2 2nd May to 30th May 2017 7pm to 8.30pm

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Investment: $110 per term

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 $100.00 if you book and pay by 16th January, 2017

Bookings are essential. 

To express your interest in booking in for Term 1 please either email or text Marita on 0425 735 581 as soon as possible and Marita will contact you by 16th January, 2017 to confirm your booking and arrange payment.