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Bannockburn Bowls Club

On Sunday 9th October  the  “McInerney Day” was celebrated.
This Annual event is held to recognise our President, Les McInerney together with his past family members history in our Club.

The winning team on the day were:- 
Winners:-   Brent Rodden, Brent Baddeley, Bert Van Ingen.
Runners Up:-   N.Frost, A.Renkauskas, L.Simpson. 

Friday 14th October the Ladies Open Day was held. 
A very bright and cheerful day was had by all the Teams from the GBR who participated.  Many food stalls and flower stalls proved to be very popular.   Beautiful Decorated baskets full of goodies were raffled and the “Winners were Grinners” as they proudly walked away with their prizes.   As usual, the display of food supplied by the club members was “to die for”   The delicious Trifles we ate for Dessert was a great success  !!!



The Winners on the day were Geelong City. 
Runners Up:- Highton.

Numerous Inter-Club Events are currently underway.

Members need to keep a close eye on their Fixture Book and/or the Notice Boards at the club regarding time, date etc of these Events so as to be sure you don’t miss out !!!!

Social Bowls:-  
6th October   Winners:-   S.Madden (S), M.O’Brien, A.Salter.
Runners Up:-  L.McInerney (s), P.Mansbridge, B.Rodden.

13th October:-   Winners:- P.Lalor (s), A.Salter, G.Groot. 
Runners Up:-  H.Mitchell (S), T.Salter, M.Emond, B.Baddeley.

20th October:-  Winners:- L.McInerney (s), R.Barmby, M.Pascoe, T.Effenberger
Three teams were all equal for Runners Up.

27th October:-  Winners:-  G.Taylor (s), P.Lalor, B.Van Ingen.
Runners Up:-  S.Madden (s), R.Kelly, G.Emond.

On Tuesday 1st November we celebrated Melbourne Cup.
Geoff Taylor and Ron Barmby were the “bookmakers” for the day.   They continually circled the green selling tickets before each race and later “paying out” once it was over.   Several other Bowling Clubs shared the day and fun with us, including Bell Post Hill, Winchelsea and Belmont.

There were quite a few happy punters.  !!!

Winning Team:   Myra Hughey, Mick Hughey, B.Hope, M.Greati.
Runners Up:  M.Pascoe, H.Kockerhans, H.Donaldson, P.Deutsher.

Wednesday 9th November.the “Two Bowl Triples” was held.
Winning Team:- G.Stewart, P.Graham, D.Lane.
Runners Up:-  B.Witcombe, M.Emond, C.Johns.

Social Bowls
3rd November:-
Winners:-  A.Symons, L.Cross, R.Kelly, P.Adamson.
Runners Up:- B.Baddeley, P.Lalor, S.Madden, M.Pascoe.

10th November:-
Winners:-  T.Effenberger, H.Mitchell
Runners Up:-  L.McInerney, R.Kelly, R.Murphy.

17th November:-
Winners:-  L.McInerney, M.O’Brien, J.Engels, T.Salter.
Runners Up:-  G.Groot, B. Van Ingen, P.Mansbridge, G.Emond.

24th November:-
Winners:-   R.Murphy, P.Lalor, B.Van Ingen, G.Wilkinson
Runners Up:- .  S.Madden, T.Effenberger, C.Johns, M.Emond.

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