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Maude Recreation Reserve

Several meetings over the next few weeks will be used to help shape future development of the Reserve. Some of the items to be considered will include the Tennis Pavilion, tennis courts and the layout and installation of more play equipment, pathways and plantings.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the special effort cleaning up the Reserve prior to the recent wedding there. The area looked very attractive for the enjoyment of visitors.

There are still more sugar gums to be removed from the area near the lookout while they are in a manageable state. The replanting will be undertaken by the Maude Landcare Group in consultation with the Reserve committee.


Committee members will be contacted by email regarding dates and times of the upcoming meetings.


Bunjil's Lookout - 1795 Steiglitz Road, Maude

The design of Bunjil's Lookout takes its inspiration from the indigenous story of the wedge-tailed eagle, Bunjil. It was opened on 27th February 2015 with a traditional smoking ceremony.

Aboriginal Culture

The Creator of the Kulin land and its people was the Great Creator Ancestor Spirit, Bunjil the Wedge-tailed Eagle. To assist him with his creation and to pass on his teachings and knowledge to all men and women, Bunjil summoned six men. All were capable of mighty deeds, all in the name of Bunjil.

After he had made the country and all the living things, he taught the people the rules of social behaviour and how to make a use tolls. When he had finished, Bunjil gathered his wives (one of whom was Gannawarra the Black Swan) and his children (one of whom was knon as Bineal the Rainbow.) Then he called for Bellin-Bellin (the Musk Crow), who was in charge of the winds.  
"Bellin-Bellin, open your bag and let out some wind." 

Bellin-Bellin opened his bag and released a wind so strong that it carried big trees into the air, roots and all. Bunjil wanted more wind, so Bellin-Bellin opened all his bags and released a wind so great that it carried Bunjil and his family to Tharangalk-Bek (the Heavens). Bunjil and his family now live in the Heavens and are stars looking down on the world. You can see them in the night sky.

"Bunjil is the Star Altair in the Eagle Constellation. The two stars beside Bunjil are Ganawarra and her spirit." 

Bunjil's Lookout Official Opening

The Lookout, representing a wedge-tailed eagle in flight, overlooks the Moorabool River valley, with a spectacular view of the surrounding farming land and the vineyards below. The inspired brainchild of our two local architects, Ms. Catherine Schurmann and Dr. Fiona Gray, with the enthusiastic  support of the Maude Community Planning Group and the Maude Recreation Reserve Committee, Bunjil Lookout has become a reality.

Those gathered were welcomed by Uncle Bryon Powell, Wathaurong Elder and Traditional Owner of the land who commenced proceedings with a Smoking Ceremony. He then explained the significance of the ceremony and the Maude area, and spoke of the local stone quarries and the number of artefacts found in the area, many of which are not easily recognisable to the untrained eye.

To read more on the opening and to view the entire article. Visit the Bannockburn & District Community Newsletter or click here.