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Maude & District Landcare Group

The 2017 Rabbit Poisoning campaign will be held on Friday 3rd, Monday 6th, and Thursday 9th February 2017. All details will be sent by email to all those on our list and the information will be placed in all letter boxes in the Landcare area.

Anyone else wishing to be part of the campaign should make inquiries to Lex Stray, 5281 9293, or Elaine Johns, 5281 9395. Poisoning once a year is only one part of your rabbit control program – warren fumigation and destruction and removal of rabbit harbour are essential if you are going to control these dreadful pests.

Both 1080 and Pindone poisoned carrot will be available, with Pindone carrot being available in 20, 10 and 5 Kg bags, but 1080 carrot being available in 20 and 10 Kg bags only.

Using Pindone poisoned carrot does not require any permit, but use of 1080 products is strictly controlled. All users of 1080 must have a current Agricultural Chemical Users permit (ACUP) with 1080 endorsement.

The method of use is the same for both poisons – the carrots are laid in a trail made using a tractor and ripper, grader blade or similar, or even a hand implement for small areas. This method ensures that the bait is laid in a specific area so that the uptake can be precisely monitored, and the amount of carrot varied as necessary. Hand scattering the bait is not recommended for this reason. It is also much easier to pick up any leftover bait at the end of your campaign. 

All dead rabbits must be picked up as soon as they are found and disposed of safely to prevent secondary poisoning. Full instructions for use of the poisons will be available at the pick up point at Maude Recreation Reserve, each day.

Three poison feeds need to be used with Pindone, or two free (not poisoned) feeds and one poisoned feed with 1080. There is an antidote for Pindone poisoning of non-target animals if action is taken immediately, but there is no antidote for 1080 poison.

The next meeting of the Landcare Group will be held at the Maude Tennis Pavilion on Thursday, 15th December at 8pm.