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Steiglitz School House

Dear Editor

The Back to Steiglitz Association has worked tirelessly to save the Steiglitz School house. 

The Back to Steiglitz Association is a local volunteer group with an aim of repairing and maintaining the town’s historic buildings. Events including The Back to Steiglitz Festival support these projects.  

The not-for profit group has been fighting to save the school for over 6 years. Parks are the official protectors of everything in Steiglitz including it's public buildings.  

100 years ago a group of Steiglitz Residents held a Reunion.

The BTS have manned the Steiglitz Courthouse for years. They have raised tens of thousands dollars. 

BTS create two bi- annual community events- The Back to Steiglitz Festival and Reunion and the Steiglitz Airing of the quilts. 

The School needs TLC, it needs relocating. It is in the middle of the bush and threatened from bush fires and vandalism. The building would not survive in the Bush. The location is hard to get to and it is out of the town and it takes time driving and repairing the building. 

Other buildings in the town have not been threatened so in the town it will be saved . The building was moved in 1880 to its present site. The land is now owned by the department of Environment of land, water and Planning. The Steiglitz School can be used for a community facility.

Thomas Welsh