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You’ll Never Never Know, If You Never Never Go!!

That used to be the Tourist Slogan for The Northern Territory
Well this year with not a little fear and trepidation, my husband and I set off on a four week caravan trip from Broome to Perth across the Nullabour to home.

What an adventure for two gray nomads who had never caravanned before!

The trip was simply wonderful, what a magnificent country we have; so diverse, so beautiful, so amazing. The stunning Cape Levique, incredible beaches waterfalls and gorges, the wild life, dolphins, crocodiles , whales, kangaroos, camels, emus just to mention a few ... and the amazing wild flowers after the recent rains. The red dust, rough and bumpy famous Gibb River Rd, the local culture and peoples and the astonishing history both ancient and more recent, that we are taught so little of.

The four weeks simply flew past - we saw so much, met so many amazing people, local and travellers like ourselves. I have fallen in love with the Kimberley’s and can’t wait to go back.

However this is not an add for caravanning or our beautiful country, but rather it made me think of Christmas and Church and Traditions, and these days how many people are either agnostic or atheist without perhaps exploring the Christian faith fully.

Not knowing or being taught about the wonder of the creator, the stunning beauty of a real relationship with Jesus, a church family, that at times yes can be like all families with difficulties and downfalls but a wonderfully supportive and an amazing diverse bunch of people who support you in tough times and celebrate with you in the good times. People who know the power of forgiveness and the power of God’s redeeming love.

People who still look on in amazement at the Birth of the baby so long ago, who has the power to change your life, for the better, who promises fullness of life, the baby whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, 

Church can be a little daunting, and you are right to approach the Holy God with some little fear and trepidation, BUT His invitation is to come.

You’ll Never, Never, know if you Never,Never go
The Love, Joy and Peace only the Christ can bring.

The Rev’d Liz Bufton, St John’s Anglican Church

Visit a church near you this Christmas.