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Bannockburn Primary School News

This year we welcomed 572 children, 374 families and 53 staff members to the new school year. I trust everyone had a great holiday season and an enjoyable break. This year promises to be a very busy one. We have two major activities this year.


Planning for the new school building – we will continue to work with the project manager throughout the year. Whilst the design etc has been set, we have the opportunity to provide input into aspects of the planning. This includes furniture, fittings, equipment and colour schemes etc. Building and construction have begun and it is great to see the size of the learning spaces being provided. 

We will be working closely with the central and regional offices of the Department of Education around: - name, year levels, buses and so many other operational elements that need to be addressed. As these are determined they will be shared with the community.

School Leaders’ Presentation
Each year our student leaders (school captains, house captains etc) are presented with their badges at a special assembly. 

We held this year’s special assembly on Thursday, March 2nd in the stadium. 

Our student Leaders are:
School Captains: Bailey Rathje and Ella Osborne
School Vice Captains:  Lachie Osborne, Noah Mitchell, Kieta Burns & Heidi Tillson

Bruce Captains: Emily Matthews &  Flynn Gregory
Bruce Vice Captains: Monica White & Joshua Nurnaitis

Leigh Captains: Tess Buyel & Dylan Kollegger
Leigh Vice Captains: Emma Vale  &  Nick Schurmann

Wabdallah Captains:         Zoe Richards & Darcy Foran
Wabdallah Vice Captains:  Caitlyn Lewis &  Jesse Colville

Arts Captains: Mietta Anderson,Charlotte Bona,  Joshua Boyd, Tahlia Clarke, Jayde Marjanovic & Jordan Tait

Gr 3’s Reps:-   Ruby Halabarec, Tyler Levy. 
Gr 4’s Reps:-  Tahlia Claassen, Harry Brown. 
Gr 5’s Reps :-  Charlie Nicholls, Alyssa Koeppler, Jasmine Halabarec. 
Our school captains and vice captains will be representing the grade 6 students.

The Walkathon will be held on Friday 24th of March. This is an annual event and an important fundraiser for the school. Each year our Student Representative Council determines how the money raised will be spent for the benefit of our students. In the past we have purchased items such as:
•  Bean bags
•  Books
•  Scooter stands
•  Indoor games
•  Sports equipment for the yard

We are one of the only four lucky schools who have been asked by Circus Oz to perform at the Melbourne Performing Art Centre during Moomba. Approximately 28 of our children are receiving intensive training from Circus Oz trainers to develop their circus skills as part of an arts performance during Moomba. Our students will perform their choreographed act for the Moomba Parade. 

Training is held twice a week at school.

We will all travel up to Melbourne on March 12th ready to perform our act. We are also learning a Flash Mob performance to do on the day. We are all very excited about this wonderful opportunity.