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Bannockburn Golf Club

With the mild Summer weather this year, it has been perfect for playing golf.   The Club’s Summer competition, the Chicken Run and the Ladies Summer Competition have all been very well attended and it’s been great to see new members joining us.

At the end of November, the Club held its annual dinner and awards night.  Greg Armstrong was named Club Champion and Alison Pfarrer won the Ladies Champion.

The Ladies Summer Competition, contested on Wednesdays, was fiercely fought with Pam Graham winning on a countback from June Peterson.

The Bannockburn Kitchen’s Summer Cup was won by Marty Pfarrer with 9 points.

The Bannockburn Golf Club Annual Open event was held over 24th – 27th February.  Over 120 golfers participated in the four events in ideal weather conditions, with the winners as follows:

Event: 4BBB Par Norm Carroll Memorial
Winners: Norm Carroll Memorial and Vets Division: G Moosbrugger & L Lees +7 
Runner up Vets: L Evans & S Beales +7 
3rd: K LeMaitre & P Bogie +7
Winners of Open Division: H Smith & J Lyons +6 
Runners Up: B Spence & R Datson +3
3rd: B Perry & G Barfoot + 2

Event Bannockburn Open 27 Hole Stroke
Winner: B Dunn 112
A Grade Net: G Armstrong 110net
B Grade Gross: O Spalding 125
B Grade Net: B Mcdonald 107net
C Grade Gross: G Nash 129
C Grade Net: D Franklin 103.5
Bannockburn Members Gross: C Gillett 127
Bannockburn Members Net: A Green 102net
18 Holes: am D Franklin 66net, 
9 Holes: pm in B Mcdonald 33net, 
9 Holes: pm out G Nash 29.5
Nearest the Pins
1st hole: T Sauni, 3rd hole: A Nivarovich, 10th hole: J Crabbe, 15th: hole T Sauni

Event Bannockburn Open 4 Person Ambrose
Winners: Best Net: V Dobson, A Dobson, A Joyce,& H Kersten 54 3/8th 
Net Runner up Net C Kitchen, A Clarke, K Davis & M McLaren 56net 
Winner Gross: R Toyne, B Toyne,  B McDonald & G Ward 62 
Nearest the Pins:
1st hole: A Pfarrer, 3rd hole: Ladies - M LeMaitre, 3rd hole: Mens - B Franklin 10th hole: K LeMaitre, 15th hole: B Klein

Event Bannockburn Open Ladies Day 18 Holes Stableford 
Winner: S Bruenjes (Inverleigh) 37 Pts. 
Runner Up: S Cuthbert (Winchelsea) 36 Pts. 
9 Holes out: B Stinchcomb (Beeac) 21 Pts. 
9 Holes In: S Moosbrugger (Bannockburn) 19 Pts.

Other results over the summer period:
30th November Ladies Summer Competition: 18 Hole Stableford
Winner: S. Moosbrugger 33 Pts., P. Graham 30 Pts., J. Peterson 27 Pts.
Nearest the Pins: 3rd S. Moosbrugger, Magpie 15th: S. Moosbrugger

3rd December. Event - Par
Winners: B Harmon +6, H Prince +1, R Dalton +1, F Hitchcock -1, M Satchell -1, 
Nearest the Pins
1st K Davis, 3rd F Hitchcock, 10th S Dyer, 15th V Graham, 17th Magpie M McLaren
Mid Week 18Holes: D Van Den Bosch 39pts, I Henderson, 38pts, L Hines 37pts, G Armstrong 37pts 
Mid Week 9 Holes: K Davis 15pts 
Chicken Run: L Bagley 19pts

6th December Ladies Summer Competition: 18 Hole Stroke
Winner: E. Lynch 93/23/70, 
Runner Up: K. Davis 96/23/73
Nearest the Pins: 10th: K. Davis

10th December Event Stableford, 2nd Round of the Bannockburn Kitchens Summer Cup 
Winners: D Van Den Bosch 41pts, Murray Satchell 40pts, GHeily 38pts, P Graham 37pts, G Armstrong 37pts 
Nearest the Pins:
3rd: M Pfarrer, 15th: S Day, 17th Magpie hole: P Graham, Birdie Hole 6th: G Armstrong 
Mid Week 18 holes: M Satchell 37pts, I Henderson 36pts 
Mid Week 9 holes: A Scott 
Chicken run: A Lennon

14th December Ladies Summer Comp:  18 Holes Par
Winner:  P. Graham -4 c/b J. Peterson -4, K. Davis c/b  E. Lynch -6
Nearest the Pin: 10th E. Lynch, MAGPIE: 15th S. Moosbrugger

17th December Event: Stroke - Monthly Medal, 3rd round Bannockburn Kitchens Summer Cup
Winners: A Grade and Monthly Medal: B, Morits net 68, 
B Grade: L Hines 69net, Steve Carty 69net P Graham 69net, V Graham 70net, P Munropw 70net Nearest the Pins:
1st: M Pfarrer, 3rd: I Henderson 
Mid Week 18 Holes: G Armstrong 37 pts K Le Maitre 33pts 
Mid Week 9 Holes: V Dobson
Chicken Run: L Spooner 23pts

21st December Ladies Summer Competition: 9 Hole 4 BBBB Stableford
Winners: P.Graham & G.. Lowe 18 Pts, Runner Up: P. Graham & H. Foster 16 Pts., 3rd. J. Peterson & Kate 15 Pts.
Nearest the Pins: 1st. P. Graham, Magpie 3rd: P. Graham

24th December Event: 2 Person Ambrose
Winners: R Dalton & Brian Blair 62.5net, G Armstrong & C Van Den Bosch 62.75net T Sauni & C Kitchen 62.75 
Nearest the Pins: 1st: B Harmon, 15th: A Green 
Mid Week 18 Holes: L Hines 
Mid Week 9 Holes: A Joyce

4th January Ladies Summer Competition.  18 Holes Stableford
Winner: P. Graham 30 pts., A. Dobson 29 pts, J. Peterson 24 pts.
Nearest the Pins: 1st. G. Lowe, Magpie: 15th P. Graham

11th January Ladies Summer Competition: 18 Hole Par
Winner: E. Lynch -2, Runner Up: J. Peterson -3, S. Moosbrugger -5
Nearest the Pin: 10th: P. Graham, Magpie 3rd: S. Moosbrugger

14th January Event Stroke
Winners: R Dalton 66met 
A Grade Winner: M Pfarrer 67net, M McLaren 67net, A Joyce 68net, 
B Grade Winner: A Dobson 69net
A Scott Eagle on the 9th
Nearest the Pins: 8th Ladies Magpie: S Dyer, 10th: S Dyer, 
Mid Week 18 holes Winners C Gillett 43pts, A Green 42pts, S Day 41pts, 
Mid Week 9 Holes: B Harmon 18pts

21st January Event Par & Monthly Medal
B Grade: L East +6 G Moosbrugger +2 
A Grade: B Mortiz +2, P Sheahan +1, I Henderson, H Kersten & P Graham Square, 
Nearest the Pins: 8th Ladies Magpie: P Graham, 10th: G Divola, 15th: T Sauni, 17th Magpie: R Dalton
Mid week 18 Holes Winners A Scott 37pts, B Hughes 37pts I Henderson 37 pts
Mid Week 9 Hole winner: A Gulino

25th January Ladies Summer Competition - 18 hole Stableford
Winner:  J. Peterson 30 Pts., R/u:  E. Lynch 29 Pts.
Nearest the Pin: 10th A. Pfarrer, Magpie 8th:  J. Peterson

28th January Event: 3 person drop out Ambrose
Winners M McLaren, G Leach & A Scott 59 2/3, R Prince, F Hitchcock & O Henderson 61 1/2; A Lennon S Carty & M Doherty 61 2/3 
Nearest the Pins: 1st: M Mclaren, 3rd: N Clark, 15th: F Hitchock,
Mid Week 18 Holes Bill Hughes 43pts, G Ward 39pts, I Henderson 39pts, A Green 39pts
Mid Week 9 holes H Phillips

1st February Ladies Summer Competition - 18 Hole Par
Winner: G. Lowe -1, R/U: J. Peterson: -2, P. Graham -3 c/b G. Jolly -3
Nearest the Pin: lst: G. Lowe, Magpie 15th: A. Pfarrer

4th February Event; Stableford
Winners: V Graham 39, G Leach 39, S Day 37, G Moosbrugger 36 
Nearest the Pins: 1st: G Leach, 3rd:  B Hughes, 8th: S Mullen, 8th: Magpie Ladies P Graham, 10th: G Leach, Birdie Hole: G Leach
Midweek 18 holes: A Scott 42, D VanDerBosch 37, B Hughes 34, I Henderson 34, 
Midweek 9 Holes: H Phillips 14
8th February Ladies Competition:  9 hole 3 person Ambrose
Winners: S. Armstrong, W. Butler, H. Prince 49/371/3/30.4
Nearest the Pins: 10th: J. Peterson, 15th: A. Pfarrer

11th February Event Par
Winners: P Graham +3, 
B Grade winner: M Connell +3 A Joyce +2 
A Grade Winner: T. Sauni + 1 A Dobson +1. 
Nearest the Pins: 1st: P Graham, 3rd: F Hitchcock, 10th: V Dobson, 15th: M Connell, Birdie Hole 14th: T Sauni 
Mid Week 18 holes: A Scott 
Mid Week 9 holes: M Satchell

15th February Ladies Competition: 9 Holes Stableford Opening Day
Winner: H. Prince 18 pts., R/U S. Moosbrugger 17 pts, P. Graham 14 pts.
Nearest the Pin: 10th:  S Moosbrugger, Magpie 15th:  S. Armstrong

18th February Event Stableford & Monthly Medal
Winners: S Day 39pts, B Grade. G Armstong 37pts A Grade. V Dobson 37pts, L Hines 37pts, K Alford 36pts, P Sheahan 36pts 
Nearest the Pins: 1st: C Gillett, 3rd: R Prince, 10th: P Graham, 15th: B Hughes, 17th Magpie hole: P Linke
Mid Week 18 holes: G Moosbrugger 35pts B Hughes 33pts M Satchell 31pts