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Bannockburn Bowls Club

Monthly Two Bowl Triples held on 14th December.

Winners on the day:
A,Symons,   B.Merrett,  S.Turnbull.
Runners Up:- H.Donaldson,  B.Rodden,  B.Baddeley

Social Bowls:-  
1st December:-
Winners  -  M.Hughey, B.Van Ingen, R.Murphy.
Runners Up:- P.Adamson, M.Emond, G.Wilkinson, S.Madden

8th December:-
Winners:- L.McInerney, H.Mitchell,  B.Baddeley, M Pascoe
Runners Up:- T.Salter, R.Murphy, P.Lalor, J.Engels

22nd December:-
Winners:-   A.Salter, B.Van Ingen, J.Engels.
Runners Up:-  R.Kelly, B,Storm, G.Wilkinson, P.Mansbridge

29th December:-
Winners:-  Reece Van Ingen, Murph Emond.
Runners Up:- Norm Armstrong, Ann Salter, Terry Wallace.

On  15th December we held the Jack “n” Jill bowling event.  A great fun night was had by all who attended.   The “Jills” of course were the winners of the night !!!!

On a sadder note, this last month, our club has farewelled two of our long time members.  Mr Colin Baker and Mr. John Walker.

Colin had been a club member for  35 +. Years.  He was a Life Member of the Club – a true gentleman and respected by all who knew him.  He had served on the Committee and had also been a very active member during his many years spent on and around the green.   He was very involved in the early establishment of the clubrooms and surrounds.

Mr Johnny Walker had also been a very long serving and active member of the club.   His expertise was sought on many occasions and he gave of his time very willingly.  His humour and friendship will be missed by us all.

“ R.I.P. two fine men “

Monthly Two Bowl Triples was held on 11th January.
Winners on the day:- (Cement)
Graham Stewart, Colin Werrett, Ron Wilson.
Runners Up:- (Bannockburn)
Bernie Witcomb, Chris Johns, Murf Emond.

Social Bowls:-
5th January:-
Winners  -  L.McInerney (s), B. Storm, T.Salter, R.Barmby.
Runners Up – S.Madden (s) A.Symons, P.Mansbridge

12th January:-
Winners -  S.Madden (s), W.Mutsaert, B.Van Ingen.
Runners Up: -   R.Kelly (s), C.Le Maite, G.Wilkinson.

19th January:-
Winners – Rob Murphy (s), T.Effenberger, Wally Mutsaert, P.Mansbridge.
Runners Up - R.Kelly (s), J.McNamara, G.Emond.

26th January:-
Winners – T.Effenberger (s), A.Symons, P.Mansbridge, T.Salter.
Runners Up – R.Kelly (s), H.Effenberger, B.Van Ingen.

On Sunday 22nd January the Alan Symons Day was held.
Winners on the day -  (Bannockburn)
A.Symons, J.Symons, R.Kelly.
Runners Up -   (Cement)
Jim Hargreaves, Brett Toll, Ian Anderson.

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