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Maude Recreation Reserve

An important meeting to be held on 1st March at 5.30pm at the Tennis Pavilion will be used to discuss future development of the Reserve, in particular the future of the pavilion itself.

The building has some major faults, and will need a considerable amount of money spent on it if it is to be brought back up to scratch. A letter box drop has been made around the district to let people know of the meeting.

The Maude, Steiglitz and She Oaks Community Planning Group has been successful in having the 60K/hr speed limit on the Steiglitz road expanded through the Maude township.

The limit changes from 100K/hr to 60 K/hr with no 80 zone in between the Perdrisat Road corner and Milvi Court. However, there are warning signs about the change at both ends, so there is no excuse!