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Generations connect over Tech, Tea and Tales in Golden Plains

An innovative program bringing young and older generations together has launched in Golden Plains, and it’s not too late for more seniors to get involved!

Tech, Tea and Tales, an initiative of Lively and Humankind Enterprises, employs young local jobseekers to provide one-on-one technology help to seniors in the Shire, and to record their life stories and experiences on film. 

The 6-week program aims to build meaningful connections across generations, by providing a unique opportunity for young and older people to come together and share skills, knowledge and experience. 

Fifteen young local job seekers have been employed and trained in how to support the senior participants to improve their use of technology devices. 

Seniors across Golden Plains Shire are invited to participate for free in the 6-week program, which will be offered at Bannockburn Library, Haddon Community Centre, Meredith Community House and Estia Health. Participants can bring along a device (such as an iPad or smartphone) that they would like to learn how to use, or make use of one of the devices available in each of the program venues. 

The program aims to help seniors explore how new technologies can help them connect with friends and family, pursue interests and access information. The program also provides an opportunity to share a lifetime of experience with young people from the local community who are keen to learn from older generations. 

The program has been supported by the Golden Plains Shire Council and the Victorian State Government. Places are limited, but some spaces remain available; contact Anna Donaldson (CEO, Lively) on 0430 661 405 or at for more information or to register your interest in participating.