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Friends of the Bannockburn Bush

Work to commence soon on fauna surveys.
DELWP has awarded the Ballarat Environment Network a new MILL (Municipal Industrial Landfill Levy) grant of $20,000 to go towards fauna monitoring and fencing of native vegetation to protect it from vehicles such as 4WD’s and trail bikes.

Renowned Geelong region naturalist Trevor Pescott will lead a team from the Geelong Field Naturalist Club in conducting a series of studies. No serious fauna study has been conducted in the Bannockburn Reserve for over 30 years. Trevor conducted a preliminary site assessment last month with Stuart McCallum and Peter Noble and will start soon. Let’s hope we find some Dunnarts.

As well as the survey work, we will be ‘beefing up’ the fencing with rocks and logs and removing some access roads to reinforce our policy that this reserve is for flora, fauna and passive recreation only. It is a nature reserve NOT a racetrack or a dumping ground.

More mindless vandalism
At around 4:30 am on Wednesday March 23 someone decided that it was a nice night to go driving their quad bike, in the dark, in the reserve. The cut the fence at the south end of Mason Rd and proceeded to hoon around in the reserve littering the place with empty beer cans and bottles and tearing up the native vegetation when a track was blocked by a big log. They should be aware that this sort of vandalism just reinforces our resolve to prevent vehicle access and to arrange a meeting for them with the local police.

There are plenty of places outside native vegetation reserves for you to ride your destructive toys.

Firewood collection
We still need help with clearing some of the “non-economic” smaller or shorter wood from the harvested logging coupes to allow for coppicing work or revegetation, depending on the section. If you need to stock up on firewood for winter LEGALLY, please contact Stuart on M: 0438 904 961 or better, email;, to do a deal.

Bannockburn Reserve’s very own Flora and Fauna brochure coming soon.
Kate, Cameron, Lance, Helen and I have completed the image collating and map drawing stages of the glossy multi-fold brochure and it is now in the hands of the publishers in Mt Clear. We have some wonderful local images, taken by FOBB members as well as permission to use some excellent images from other photographers. We anticipate it being available in May. We will arrange a local “Release” when it is ready.

Clean up Australia Day 2017
Thanks to another mighty effort from the Lethbridge Cubs, Bannockburn Scouts and parents, we removed yet more junk from the bush on March 2. Very little was new, thanks to the fencing but we had a stock-pile from our last effort and we dug deeper for some material we could not reach last year. Karl’s crew did a great job in resolving the orange car wreck problem by simply attaching a chain and dragging it out! It made a racket and left a scar but got the job done. The owner of the white Commodore finally picked it up the day before, so apart from a Holden Berlina boot lid and fender, the bush is now car-part free.

Special thanks are also due to Harvey the metal recycler for collecting the scrap metal and to Elisha Atchison, the Resource Recovery & Waste Coordinator at Golden Plains Shire for providing the Cleanaway skip and dealing with the tyres, bricks and old wire.

Elisha has also arranged to have professional asbestos contractors meet on site to collect the four remaining asbestos dumps. This work was completed on Thursday March 30.

Working Bee Report Sunday March 26.
Fence repair near the main entrance was completed. This was needed as someone did not seem to notice the posts and wires and simply drove straight through it. We also picked up a few bags of car-ejected material from along the highway. Does eating junk food, light beer, coke and energy drink make you become a litter bug or do litter bugs just eat junk food?

Coming Events:

Working Bee Sunday April 23, 10 – 3. Preparing sites for replanting, fence repair and coppice management.

Firewood collection by appointment; Contact Stuart.

Stuart McCallum
Friends of Bannockburn Bush

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Mob: 0438 904 961