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Mindfulness Meditation - What’s it all about?

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment; nowhere to go, nothing to do but be present right here, right now. It’s not often that we can say we are truly present. We are often thinking of a multitude of things that usually have nothing to do with our here and now, they are usually things relating to the past or future.

I like to think of mindfulness meditation as an opportunity to retrain ourselves; educating us in how to work towards being a calmer person. Mindfulness meditation allows us to give ourselves permission to take it easy and teaches us to use our breath to achieve calm and presence. 

Mindfulness meditation is simple but not easy because we need to adopt a sense of change. You can take as long as you like to do this. It took me years. The way I used to cope with life’s challenges 17 years ago, prior to learning and practicing mindfulness meditation, is very different to how I chose to cope with any challenges that are presented to me today. I eat, rest and choose to make mindful choices. Why? Because I feel a healthier, happier person for it. Life still happens and stressful situations still come about, but now I make mindful choices on how to deal with these situations. The acceptance of others choices and being compassionate to myself are things I think more about these days.

Mindfulness Meditation helps us to retrain ourselves; to take some time out for the benefit of our health and wellbeing. Nothing is going to change until you instigate the change and that won’t happen unless you want it to. So, if you are interested in learning more and embarking on creating positive change for your health, I invite you to join me for the Term 2 Meditation for Life program.

Please note that this term, Marita will be conducting a 5-week Mindfulness Meditation practice course (usually 8 weeks) at the Bannockburn Cultural Centre on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 8.30pm to ensure the course is covered in full.

Term 2 2nd May to 30th May 20 7pm to 8.30pm
Term 3 1st Aug to 19th Sept 2017 7pm – 8pm
Term 4 17th Oct to 12th Dec 2017 7pm to 8 pm (No class Melb. Cup Day)

Investment: $110 per term

*Early Bird Special*
$100.00 if you book and pay by 16th April, 2017

Bookings are essential. To express your interest in booking in for Term 2 please either ring or text Marita on 0425 735 581 as soon as possible and Marita will contact you before the 16th April, 2017 to confirm your booking and arrange payment.