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Mayors Message April 2017

Greetings and best wishes for the coming month.

At the first Council meeting for 2017 a new Local Law was adopted. This will bring changes for residents, particularly in terms of dog-on-lead areas, use of shipping containers on private property, and operation of recreational motor vehicles.

Prescribed dog on lead areas have been defined in the townships of Bannockburn, Inverleigh, Lethbridge, Linton, Meredith, Napoleons, Rokewood, Smythesdale and Teesdale. Signage will be placed in relevant areas where dogs are to remain on leads with further information available on Council website.

Council will be conducting a review of the locations and numbers of shipping containers across the Shire. Individual residents will be contacted regarding arrangements to ensure compliance with the local law.

Various restrictions have been put in place around the allowed use of motorised recreational vehicles in residential and rural areas. Council officers will be working directly with residents to resolve any potential ongoing issues.

To find out more about the local laws and how they may affect you, download a copy from Councils website at Alternatively you may view a copy of the local law at the Council offices in Bannockburn or Linton. If you wish to discuss a particular aspect of the Local Law please contact Council’s Environment Services Team on 5220 7111.