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Bannockburn Bowls Club

The Pennant Bowling Season has now come to a close until September, but Social Bowls will still be held weekly, with one more 2 Bowl Triples to be held on Wednesday 12th April.    During the Winter months 2 Bowl triples will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

A wonderful season was had by all players with only the Midweek Division 6 reaching the Grand Final.   Division 6 put up a “great effort” on the day (in hot and uncomfortable conditions) coming home Runners Up.  Never mind there is always next year. !! 

Monthly Two Bowl Triples held on  8th February.
Winners on the day:- B.Witcombe (s), M.Emond, C.Johns.
Runners Up:- T.Effenberger (s), R.Kelly, J.Engels.

Affiliated Open 4’s held on 1st February.
The day started with delicious toasted sandwiches.  Wine Trifle was on the Menu for dessert at lunch time,  it was certainly enjoyed by all the competitors.  Wonderful camaraderie !!!!
Winners in the day: Bell Post Hill  (P.Standaert and his team).
Runners Up:-  Lara   (L.Gilmore and his team). 

Social Bowls:-
2nd February:-
Winners – S. Madden (s), A. Symons, M. Emond.
Runners Up - J.McNamara (s), M.Pascoe, T.Salter, G.Blachford.

9th February:-
Winners - P.Lalor (s), G.Wilkinson, T.Salter.
Runners Up – T.Effenberger (s), Hugh Mitchell.

16th February:-
Winners – R.Kelly (s), S.Madden, B.Van Ingen, P.Mansbridge.
Runners Up – R.Murphy (s), P.Lalor, A.Symons, W.Mutsaerts.

23rd February:-
Two  Winning Teams – L.McInerney(s), G.Wilkinson, B.Storm.
J.McNamara (s), T.Salter, G.Emond.

The Jack Attack
The Annual 6 week Event “Jack Attack” has this year been an enormous success, thanks to the many local competing teams – SES, Muddys Hardware (3), Bendigo Bank, Mens Shed, Landmark, Sorelle, East Contractors, Post Office, GP Shire (2), Lions Club.

Winners:-   SES
Runners Up:- Post Office.

Many thanks must go to Nathan Hansford from the SES for supplying us with delicious chicken pieces every week and then a fantastic ‘Spit Roast’ on the night of the Grand Final.  A big thankyou also to Muddys Hardware for insisting on paying for the sausages and hamburgers every week. 

A grateful thankyou to King Broccoli (Club Sponsor) for supplying the onions and vegies for the coleslaw. 

An extra BIG Thankyou must also go to the ladies in the kitchen for their valued weekly service of preparing and serving the food.

Chefs Peter and Hugh did a great job cooking “snags on the barbie”

Last but certainly not least, sincere thanks also to many of our club members for kindly donating your time in any way !!!


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