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Maude & District Landcare Group

The next meeting of the Landcare Group will be held at the Maude Tennis Pavilion on Thursday, 20th April at 7.30pm.

Our speaker at this meeting will be Tim Johnston, from the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party. Tim will be discussing the extension work he will carry out in our Landcare focus area to address remaining hot spots of tussock, and his approach to encourage landholders to destroy infestations on their properties.

The new strain of Calicivirus has been released recently. It was spread using carrot in a similar way to poison baiting, and we are now waiting to hear of the results. The virus will not be the end of all wild rabbits, so there is no reason to stop all your harbour removal, ripping and fumigating.

Secondary spreading of the virus will occur by contact between rabbits, or by insects, particularly blowflies.

Rabbit populations seem very low following our poisoning campaign, so we hope there will be enough rabbits around to spread the virus when it reaches our area.

Bathurst Burr is very obvious in some local areas at present. It is hard to miss, being dark green with long and very sharp yellow spikes along the stems. Even smaller seedlings are hard to pull by hand because of the spikes, so a mattock and gloves are essential tools for removal.

The Landcare Group’s revegetation project at Spiller’s Bridge on Perdrisat Road at Maude is nearing completion. More gravel needs to be spread, signage erected and ongoing spraying and some replanting carried out. Locals report increasing use of the area which is very pleasing.