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Is your smoke alarm ready for retirement?

If your smoke alarm is more than a decade old, it may belong in a museum, not on your ceiling
CFA are warning the community that out of date smoke alarms could be a liability in an emergency.

All smoke alarms have a 10-year life span and need to be replaced or they may not work when you need them most.

Smoke alarms save lives by providing a critical early warning that could give you time to evacuate safely – but only if they work.

“In a fire, only a working smoke alarm can save your life”.

“We believe that some household have never replaced their smoke alarms and that is concerning.

“Smoke alarms are designed to wake you when a fire starts to provide you and your family with the earliest possible warning to get out safely.

“If your smoke alarms aren’t working properly, you may miss that vital early warning sign that could save the lives of you and your family.

“We highly recommend installing hardwired 240 volt ten-year photoelectric smoke alarms with a long-life lithium battery in a tamper proof chamber. 

“When installed and maintained correctly these smoke alarms detect smoke the quickest, giving you more time to evacuate.

“If you don’t have a working smoke alarm in your home and a fire occurs, you are four times more likely to die and 26 per cent more likely to suffer serious injuries. “If you do choose to use a 9volt battery smoke alarm, the battery will need to be replaced every year.

“A good reminder is doing it every year at the end of daylight savings.”

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Lifting of Fire Restrictions

Summer Fire Restrictions in Golden Plains Shire have now been lifted as of Monday 11th April 2017

If you plan to burn a pile of rubbish over the next few months please call VicFire on 1800 668 511 and let them know of your burn. This may prevent the fire brigade being called to your premises.

For further information please call Captain Barry Planner on 0408 525 157