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Easter; Not Just Chocolate

For a brief moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

No I was at the chocolatier near Anglesea. Certainly a chocolate lovers paradise in anyone’s language. Talk about Willy Wonkers Chocolate factory  come to life!

Chocolate everywhere as far as you could see smell and taste….

Chocolate fountains, chocolate running taps, chocolate making machines and unbelievable huge bowls of sample chocolate there for the taking!!

Every conceivable sort of chocolate that you could feast your eyes upon.

Including a gianormous Easter Bunny filled with an amazing variety of eggs, every chocolate creature you could think of to help celebrate Easter. Truly amazing and very enjoyable chocolate into the bargain.

We spent a wonderful afternoon sampling, splurging, and enjoying much of the fairs on offer.

Got me thinking though, what has happened to the sacred side of Easter

Hot Cross Buns in store shortly after Christmas, a Company not naming them Easter Eggs for fear of offending some people, a beautifully decorated book for children with stickers and everything you need to celebrate Easter except not a word about the true meaning of Easter!

Our money hungry, secular society are robbing our children their true heritage and identity by short selling the whole story. Making a wonderful, beautiful opportunity to learn and understand what Christian Faith is all about by promoting it as simply a feast to be enjoyed.

Enjoy the feast by all means, I certainly will! 

Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, speak of Jesus death on the Cross for our sin.

Yes folk, we sin. If you think that is harsh, just look at the world and our own country through media, newspapers and nightly on the TV.

Easter Eggs on Sunday speak of  New Life and the empty tomb.

Jesus overcame death and made a way for us to know a relationship with the living God -  His Forgiveness and Amazing Love.

I believe that much of the problem of our society today is that we have turned away from God. The anger, angst and anxiety we see daily is the result of a people who have lost direction and identity.

The answer is not more police and bigger weapons but a change in our society’s attitude. Maybe teaching the 3 R’S … that is respect, repentance, renewal and revival.  (Yes that’s four I know), as the old song says - Love changes everything.

There is nothing that this world can offer that is more precious than the TRANSFORMING LOVE of God offered to us in Christ Jesus.

This Easter, ENJOY, CELEBRATE & EXPLORE THE TRUE MEANING OF EASTER: That while we were still sinners, Christ died and rose again that we might know eternal life, and life to the full.

Rev’d Liz Bufton,
St John’s Anglican Church, Bannockburn.