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Bannockburn Bowls Club

Monthly Two Bowls Triples held on 8th March.


Winners on the day:- 
R.Wilson (s), C.Werrett, G.Stewart.
Runners Up:- D.Seiffert (s), J.Anderson, V.Leach.

The Winter Two Bowl Triples commences on Thursday 11th May and will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month up to and including August.  Play begins at 11.00am, please remember to BYO LUNCH.    Soup will also be available for purchase during the Winter season.

Summer Two Bowl Triples (back to the 2nd Wednesday of the month) will commence on Wednesday 13th September at 1.00pm.

Affiliated Open 4’s held on 5th March.
Winners on the day:- P.Lee (s), D.Sells, J.Krol. D.Welsh.
Runners Up:- H.Mitchell (s), P.Brook, B.Merrett, G.Groot.

Social Bowls:-
2nd March:-
Winners:- B.Baddeley (s), H.Effenberger, A.Symons.
Runners Up:- N.Armstrong (s), A.Salter, J.Engels.

9th March:-
Winners:- L.McInerney (s), A.Salter, B.Van Ingen, S.Madden.
Runners Up:- M.Pascoe (s), G.Blachford, T.Salter

16th March:-
Winners:- J.McNamara (s), P.Adamson, M.O’Brien, T.Salter.
Runners Up:- L.McInerney (s), G.Blachford, M.Emond, T.Effenberger.

23rd March:- 
Winners:- S.Madden (s), M.Pascoe, P.Mansbridge.
Runners Up:- R.Kelly (s), A.Salter, M.Emond.