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Maude Fire Brigade News

At our last meeting, final arrangements were made for the Trash, Treasure and Craft Market on 7th May. There is no charge for stall holders, and we hope for lots of support on the day. There will be lots of things for children to enjoy, especially the animal farm and of course the geriatric clown.

The brigade will have the usual barbecue with those delicious egg and bacon sandwiches. Please come along and enjoy some real country hospitality while helping us raise some money for our fire truck fund.

The Brigade recently catered for a local clearing sale at Sutherlands Creek which was an enjoyable day. Thank you to our many members who turned up on the day – we had a wonderful team which made light work of the job.

At the recent Brigade biennial meeting the following officers were elected for the two year term starting on 1st July: 

Captain: Craig Blake; 
Lieutenants: 1st, Adam East; 2nd, Paul Towart; 3rd, Peter Stray; 4th, Chris Rudland; 5th, Anthony Durran. 

The Fundraising Sub-Committee will be led by President, Yvonne Steele, 

Secretary: Bron Warfe, and 
Treasurer: Eve Delgrosso. 

Special mention was made of the retirement of our long term Sub committee president, Kath Nordin, and training officer Bruce Harper, both of whom have made a huge contribution to the brigade. Thankfully, both will be continuing their involvement with the brigade. A sincere thank you to both Kath and Bruce.

Once the Trash and Treasure market is over, our thoughts will turn to the brigade’s 40th anniversary. There will be more news about this important event soon.

The next meeting of the Fundraising sub committee will be held at the fire shed on Wednesday, 24th May at 7.30pm.